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Election for the presidency of Flamengo happens this Saturday (4), at the club’s headquarters, in Gávea, in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

Landim should be reelected president of Flamengo (Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF)
Landim should be reelected president of Flamengo (Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF)

This Saturday (4), the members of Flamengo they are choosing the ticket that will win the elections and will stay ahead of the club for the next three years. Rodolfo Landim, current president, is the favorite to win the election. He leads Chapa Roxa and should continue as the club’s representative after being very successful between 2019 and 2021.

Competing with him are Marco Aurélio Asseff (Blue Plate), Ricardo Hinrichsen (White Plate) and Walter Monteiro (Gold Plate). Elections started around 8:00 am (Eastern time), and the winner must be announced only after 9:00 pm EDT. Flamengo still has two commitments in the season before ending 2021.

According to the Boca de Urna poll, made by the press, Landim will be re-elected this Saturday (4). After hearing about 700 voters, the pollsters point to 56% of the votes for the current president, against 10% for Asseff, 10% for Monteiro and 7% for Hinrichsen. A total of 18% of voters interviewed did not respond to the survey.

Search for a new coach is expected to intensify after the election

After Flamengo fired Renato Gaúcho last Monday (29), many names began to be speculated in the press. The main one is Marcelo Gallardo, whose conversations have not started yet. The Argentine has a concrete proposal from the Uruguayan team and is waiting for the European market to move before making a decision.

Jorge Jesus is another name being considered, but he is under contract with Benfica, and has an important match for the Champions League to play next week. Carlos Carvalhal, current coach of Braga, has already expressed interest in leading Flamengo. For this, the Portuguese club needs to release him, which may or may not happen.

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