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besides the singer Mariana Nolasco, João Figueiredo was the guest of the painting promises, from É de Casa, this Saturday, 4/12. The 21-year-old boy is considered a prodigy: at 5, he played drums; at 7, he performed in the school choir; and, at 14, participated in TV programs. In 2018, he projected himself in gospel music with the song “Estás aqui” and made the public interested in his ‘cool’ style of praising God. In the interview, João talked about marrying Sasha Meneghel. Check out the participation of Mariana and João in the video ⤵

'Promises': Mariana Nolasco and João Figueiredo

‘Promises’: Mariana Nolasco and João Figueiredo

It was at the end of 2019 that the young man gained even more notoriety, when he started dating with Sasha Meneghel, daughter of the presenter Xuxa. The romance hit hard, and the two went on to be engaged the following year, and then married in May 2021.

About the union with the daughter of the Rainha dos Baixinhos, João opened his heart: “I think that when you find someone you love, and you have the objective of building something together and seeking the same purposes… there’s no reason, it’s just join forces for a walk, for a journey”.

João Figueiredo and Sasha Meneghel — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“It’s beautiful, for example, when we’re walking through the mall, and someone stops and says: ‘It’s really cool to see you so young together, it was an inspiration that love is still possible’.”

About being too young to get married, João doesn’t seem to mind and says it was a well thought-out decision.

“I just don’t say that if I knew that getting married was so good, I’d get married sooner, because it would be too soon. Because we’re already young, right?”, jokes the singer.

“In my case, as a Christian, I’ve always looked for God’s approval in the things I do. I’ve looked for this peace within me. I feel it and so does she. So we took this step from security and from a certainty,” he explains.

João Figueiredo remembers when he told Sasha: ‘I stuttered like hell’

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