Monique Evans revolts against Solange Gomes and accuses her of being a con artist · TV News

Monique Evans made it clear that she has no sympathy for Solange Gomes. On Saturday night, the blonde used a social network to detonate the participant of The Farm 13 and accuse her of having tried to take the belly shot with someone famous. Monique also declared for those who are rooting for the reality series on Record.

Barbara Evans’ mother revolted against Gugu’s ex-bathtub because of a criticism that Solange made about Mileide Mihaile. She hinted that the confinement partner did nothing because she receives a high alimony for the child she had with Wesley Safadão.

“You can’t spend the day in the kitchen, love. Either you cook, or you work and earn your money, pay the bills. You can’t both. I can’t spend the day in the kitchen because if not, how am I? give food to my daughter if I don’t have a father with money, with a high pension, like Mileide does?”, said the competitor.

Upon learning of this, Monique Evans spoke up with posts on Twitter: “Solange falters! She thinks everyone gets child support? The normal thing is to chase it!! She didn’t do more than the obligation. The worst thing is that Solange tried to have a child with famous, thinking about the coup, but he got screwed,” he declared.

Then, the former model released a video of Rico Melquiades and Mileide Mihaile at a party at A Fazenda 13, implying that their favorites on the show are both.

Check out Monique Evans’ posts:

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