New Fiat Fiorino 2022 is officially unveiled; meet the model

New Fiat Fiorino 2022
The new Fiat Fiorino 2022 hits the market with a new design and more economical engine. (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Fiat)

Fully renewed! THE New Fiat Fiorino 2022 was presented this Friday morning (03/12) in Brazil. This is another launch of the Italian automaker in the year 2021. The best-selling van in Brazil arrives in its new generation bringing some important news. The look was renewed and the engine calibrated. Not to mention that it is more economical and safer.

It will be sold in one version only. The model has a suggested price of BRL 99,990 in the configuration Endurance 1.4 Flex. That is, the Fiorino 2022 it is cheaper than its sister Doblò Cargo. The price difference for the previous model is quite small. According to the automaker, billing for the new car will start as early as next week and customers can wait for special financing conditions.

Fiat Fiorino 2022 (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Fiat)

New Fiat Fiorino 2022 brings a new design and more economical engine; know!

THE Fiat Fiorino is one of the main references in the market and remains a good option for companies and self-employed workers. And one of the most classic models too. The first generation was released in 1980. Six years later, the second generation was introduced. In 2013, it underwent its biggest transformation to date, when it brought elements from the second generation of Uno.

Fiat Fiorino 2022 (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Fiat)

Now, it reaches the fourth generation to maintain its lead between vans and the so-called “B-Vans”. According to data from Fenabrave, it had 19,440 units sold between January and November. THE New Fiat Fiorino 2022 arrives bringing several changes and several attributes for customers. The front, for example, has been changed. Using the current Fiat Uno as inspiration, the car arrives with a new grille.

As you can see in the photos, it has horizontal bars. in addition to the Fiat Flag It’s from Logo Script. Other parts that gained a new design were the bumper, fenders and hood. The front optical assembly brings new headlamps with black mask and fog lamps. Looking in profile, you can see the door panels. The rear still has the headlight very close to the columns and the plate is positioned below the door handle.

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New Fiat Fiorino 2022
Fiat Fiorino 2022 (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Fiat)
Fiat Fiorino 2022 (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Fiat)

Remembering that access to the cargo compartment is made through the two rear doors. And this location is the great attribute of the model. Fiorino offers a good space for companies to carry their orders, materials or parts. Remembering that the car has a 650 kg load capacity. That is, a volume of 3.3m³. Remembering that the package that transforms Fiorino into an ambulance will be maintained by Fiat.

Renovated interior and more security

New Fiat Fiorino 2022
Fiat Fiorino 2022 (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Fiat)

THE new Fiat Fiorino 2022 also features major changes on the inside. The dashboard, for example, has been completely changed. It got a new design and was similar to the Strada panel. Highlight for the steering wheel, the on-board computer and the new air vents. The vehicle also brings changes to the air conditioning system. The seats guarantee more comfort.

To improve the lives of the occupants, the car has more storage compartments. Highlight for an exclusive for card machines. The car will be sold in a single version. It comes standard with a good package. Among the safety equipment, highlighting the traction and stability control (ESC), the Hill Holder and the Emergency Brake Alert.

Fiat Fiorino 2022 (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Fiat)

The car still comes standard with:

  • Air conditioning
  • Driver’s seat with height adjustment
  • Hydraulic steering
  • fog lights
  • Carter protector
  • Eletric lock
  • electric glass
  • Steering wheel with height adjustment
  • onboard computer
  • Radio predisposition
  • Remote control key
  • Ramp Start Assistant (HSA)

mechanical set

New Fiat Fiorino 2022
Fiat Fiorino 2022 (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Fiat)

One point of Fiat Fiorino that has not changed is the engine. It even comes equipped with the thruster Fire 1.4 EVO Flex. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring news, as it received a new calibration. Now, it can produce a maximum power of 84 hp (petrol) or 85 hp (ethanol) at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 116 Nm (petrol) and 120 Nm (ethanol) at 4,000 revolutions.

It already conforms to the Proconve L7. The new emissions rules take effect early next year. The brand says that the changes in the engine meant that consumption was reduced. According to data from the brand, it can do:

  • City: 11.74 km/l (gasoline) and 8.11 km/l (ethanol)
  • Highway: 12.42 km/l (petrol) and 8.38 km/l (ethanol)

The engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Fiat says the transmission has undergone changes. 2nd and 3rd gears are shorter and 5th gear has been lengthened. She still says that the New Fiat Fiorino 2022 brings in the mechanical set the same rear suspension as the Strada. This new car uses rigid omega-type axle with longitudinal parabolic spring.

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