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Grêmio faces Corinthians at 4 pm this Sunday, at the Neo Química Arena, with the obligation to score in order not to be relegated to Serie B. But in addition to the pressure for the result and an opponent who won the last eight games at home, they will have to face also the pressure coming from the stands. The Corinthians fans are mobilized to see the Tricolor downgraded and avenge the fall of 2007.

14 years ago, Grêmio fans sold out at Olímpico to see Timão relegated for the first time, after drawing 1-1 in a game they needed to win to stay. It was a Sunday, and the traditional 16:00 game of the Brasileirão started for the Grêmio fans hours before, with chants of “ão, ão, ão, second division” and “today is a special afternoon, you can’t miss: Corinthians Série B, Corinthians Serie B”.

The provocations, of course, followed after the game and with the right to unusual scenes. Despite the Gre-Nal rivalry, Grêmio and Inter fans got together and took to the streets to celebrate the fall of Corinthians. The relegation of the team from São Paulo, in fact, was only possible because Inter lost to Goiás by 2-1, at Serra Dourada, with the winning goal defined in a penalty kicked three times.

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Gremistas and Colorado celebrate Corinthians’ relegation in 2007 — Photo: Alexandre Alliatti

At the time, Inter was fomenting a rivalry with Corinthians due to the 2005 Brazilian title, defined in favor of the São Paulo team after the cancellation of 11 games by the STJD. Felipe, then Corinthians goalkeeper, accused the Colorado players of having handed over the game to Goiás, which was saved.

– Player always has a friend. And we learned that three or four Inter players wanted to hand over the game. They don’t deserve to wear that shirt. We knew we couldn’t count on them. But Corinthians will not end it. Whoever gets beaten never forgets and, who knows, up ahead we’ll be able to pay back – he said.

Corinthians, Jonas will support Grêmio

Scorer of Grêmio’s goal in that match, former striker Jonas spoke by phone with the report from ge last Friday and recalled the moments leading up to the game. He says that no type of mobilization to relegate Corinthians entered the Grêmio dressing room, despite everyone knowing what could happen to the team in São Paulo.

– Perhaps it could have been because of these chants. Because Corinthians was the last game against Grêmio, Grêmio ended up being marked. Certainly the other previous games had provocations against Corinthians, but the last game is recorded, which decreed relegation. The last image is what remains – opines.

Jonas celebrates Grêmio’s goal in the 2007 draw with Corinthians for the Brasileirão — Photo: José Doval/Official Grêmio Website

Born in the city of Bebedouro, São Paulo, Jonas says he is a Corinthians fan. But the affection he has for Grêmio will make him root for the club on Sunday. There are two reasons: not wanting the fall of the Tricolor and because Timão is already in Libertadores 2022.

– I believe that a lot of people already know, but I’m a Corinthians fan (laughs). I have a huge affection for Grêmio, I don’t want Grêmio to fall. I want Grêmio to win this Sunday game, because I don’t want Grêmio to fall. Corinthians will be at Libertadores. But if you ask me, I wanted Grêmio to remain in the first division – he says.

The scenario of this Sunday, in São Paulo, is exactly the opposite of that of December 2, 2007 . In 18th place, with 39 points, Grêmio will be mathematically relegated one round in advance if they lose. In case of a tie or victory, the team from Rio Grande do Sul reaches the last round alive, but it will still depend on parallel results.

1×1 Corinthians Guild – 12/02/2007

  • Guild: Marcelo Grohe; Patrício, Léo, William, Bustos (Anderson Pico), William Magrão, Diego Souza, Czech, Ramón (Sandro Goiano), Jonas and Marcel. Coach: Mano Menezes.
  • Corinthians: Philip; Fábio Ferreira, Zelão, Concrete, Moradei, Bruno Otávio (Arce), Carlos Alberto, Vampeta (Héverton), Éverton Ribeiro (José Aílton), Clodoaldo and Lulinha. Technician: Nelsinho Baptista.
  • Goals: Jonah (Grêmio); Clodoaldo (Corinthians).

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