Ramon, from Flamengo, denies alcohol consumption and says that cyclist crossed the track suddenly | Flamengo

The football player Ramon, Flamengo’s left-back, denies having consumed alcohol before running over and killing a cyclist this Saturday night (4), in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio. In testimony at the 16th DP (Barra), the athlete claimed that the cyclist crossed the track suddenly, surprised him, and that he called the fire department himself.

In a statement, the Civil Police office said that the investigation was carried out on the spot. The driver testified at the police station and showed no signs of drunkenness. Arrangements are underway to collect security camera footage and information in order to clarify all the facts.

Ramon’s car, Flamengo side, after an accident that killed a cyclist in Rio — Photo: Disclosure

The military police officer who was at the scene of the accident also testified, saying that the road is well signposted and that the fact was after a traffic light. So far no one has come forward as a witness.

The player pointed out that he attended the police station voluntarily. The case was registered as involuntary manslaughter caused by being run over.

The accident occurred around 10,500 Avenida das Américas. Firefighters were called at 8:35 pm. The ambulance took the 30-year-old victim to the Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital, also in Barra, but she was already dead.

Ramon Flamengo — Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

The president of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim lamented what happened.

– Of course we get very sad. We don’t even know under what conditions or what happened, due to the limited information. He is an exemplary athlete, with exemplary behavior. In situations like this, it is obvious that we are going to provide full support,” he said.

See the police report

Ramon police report — Photo: Reproduction

Ramon police report — Photo: Reproduction

Ramon police report — Photo: Reproduction

Ramon police report — Photo: Reproduction

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