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Just getting close to Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond), Lara (Andréia Horta) will realize that the faker is hiding something in Um Lugar ao Sol. The cook will hunt the protagonist to ask him about the supposed death of her ex-fiancé, but the usurper will mistreat her for fear of being exposed. “There’s something wrong with this story”, the granddaughter of Noca (Marieta Severo) will suspect in the 9:00 pm soap opera on Globo.

Matthew’s wife (Danton Mello) will finally meet the fake Renato next Saturday (11). After coming across a photo of Christian and Renato at the Engenhão stadium, the woman will be sure that the lover saw his twin brother before being killed by drug dealers in Morro do Camelo.

Still in the grips of the crime, Lara will hunt the playboy down to question him about what happened that night. She will discover that he works in the Redeemer network and will be planted to wait for him.

The character played by Andréia Horta will then see the faker: “I’m here because your brother was a very important person in my life and I’m investigating his death. I need to understand why he was killed”, the young woman will ask, almost in tears.

Worried about the situation, Christian/Renato will let the girl explain herself. “I wanted to know if you guys met the night he died”, questioned the Minas Gerais woman. She will also admit that she saw a photo of the twins.

Christian/Renato will have to face Lara

Christian/Renato will have to face Lara

Will Christian tell the truth?

Stunned by the presence of the ex-fiancée, the protagonist will transform into a cruel man and try to push her away with ignorance. “Well, if that’s what you want to know, I was with your fiance, yes. For one night, and it was enough”, will retort the character played by Cauã Reymond.

Christian/Renato will add that the poor brother just came looking for him out of interest. “He wanted money, which apparently is what you want too, right?” Lara will be irritated by the pettiness.

“No, on the contrary. The only thing I want is to know why he was killed,” she will retort. “He was killed because he wasn’t worth anything,” fired Barbara’s husband (Alinne Moraes), already irritated.

Afflicted, Noca’s granddaughter will advance on the rich man. “It’s a lie. You’re lying. Look at me. There’s something wrong with this story, and I won’t rest until I find out,” Lara will threaten.

Before the confusion sets in, the protagonist will demand that the security team move the cook away. Lara will not give up going after the mysteries surrounding Christian’s “death”.

Week Summary

Monday, 12/6 (Chapter 25)
Christian/Renato leaves the restaurant as soon as he sees Anchieta with Túlio. Túlio probes Anchieta about the former employee who looks like Christian/Renato. Barbara calls Ravi from Lara’s cell phone.

Christian/Renato sees Lara’s number ringing on Ravi’s cell phone and accuses the friend of talking to his ex-girlfriend on the sly. Christian/Renato apologizes to Ravi, who claims that Lara must be looking for Renato. Erica feels guilty about Santiago’s heart attack.

Cecília makes it clear to Ilana that she will only carry out the advertising campaign if Rebeca does not participate. Ruth shows Túlio a photo she found in Ravi’s wallet, in which the driver is hugging Christian/Renato in front of the Caminhos do Amanhã shelter. Túlio decides to travel with Ruth to Goiás.

Tuesday, 12/7 (Chapter 26)
Tulio and Ruth pretend to be a couple interested in adopting a child. Túlio is intrigued by the fact that Ravi knows Renato. Avany is suspicious of Tulio and Ruth and sends Ravi a photo, making sure the couple is lying.

Inacia advises Joy to value Ravi more. Barbara asks Janine for help in writing a letter to Santiago. Lara gets a job as a cook and convinces Mateus to move to Rio. Nicole decides to do a dubbing test. Breno and Ilana argue.

Cecília performs well in the photo shoot for the campaign. Cecilia is attracted to Breno. Christian/Renato manages to make a copy of Ruth’s key, and breaks into Tulio’s lover’s house. Ravi finds photos of Ruth with Tullius. Christian/Renato investigates Ruth’s computer.

Wednesday, 12/8 (Chapter 27)
Christian/Renato tells Ravi that he found the overpriced quotes presented to Redentor. Christian/Renato tells Ravi that he’ll wait for Santiago to leave the hospital to tell him about Tulio’s misdeeds.

Santiago is discharged from the hospital. The doctor advises that Santiago should not suffer any kind of stress, which makes Christian/Renato have to postpone the communication to his father-in-law about Túlio and Ruth’s conduct at Redentor.

Ilana performs the fertilization procedure alongside Breno. Barbara asks Nicole for help when she learns that Christian/Renato has entered Janine’s short story in a literature contest on her behalf. Christian/Renato makes a video call to Túlio, and Lara sees the image of the ex.

Thursday, 12/9 (Chapter 28)
Lara tries to get Túlio’s cell phone and ends up being expelled from the stadium. Túlio goes after Lara, who says she was engaged to Christian. Túlio tells Ruth that he’s going to unmask Christian/Renato. Paco recognizes Nicole in the dubbing studio and praises her performance in the theater.

Barbara is surprised to see Cecília arrive for Santiago’s birthday. Noca resigns from the restaurant. Túlio tells Ruth that he thinks Christian/Renato knows they were in Goiânia.

Túlio and Ruth get the images from the camera of the building where Renato appears beside his brother. Tulio and Ruth confirm the time of death of one of the twins and conclude that Christian assumed the identity of Renato.

Friday, 12/10 (Chapter 29)
Tulio tells Ruth he’s going to unmask Christian/Renato. Barbara tells Nicole that she has betrayed her trust. Breno decides to return to Rio to help his father, and Cecília asks him for a ride. Breno advises Cecilia to talk to Rebeca.

Julia swears to Felipe that she stopped drinking and asks for financial help to record her CD. Ana Virgínia advises Felipe not to give money to Julia. Ravi takes advantage of Túlio’s distraction and leaves with the car, leaving the executive in the middle of the road. Barbara throws Christian/Renato’s cell phone into the pool.

Túlio gets a car to continue his journey. Breno photographs Cecilia. Santiago tells Christian/Renato that he would be very angry if he betrayed his trust. Túlio shocks Christian/Renato by calling him Christian dos Santos.

Saturday, 12/11 (Chapter 30)
Christian/Renato threatens Túlio to reveal his tricks to Santiago. Ravi confirms to Christian/Renato that Túlio knows the truth about his friend. Christian/Renato is surprised when he arrives at Redentor and finds out that his table has been transferred to Tulio’s room. Christian/Renato tells Ravi that he’s going to have to follow Tulio’s orders and fire him.

Ana Virgínia goes to Julia to ask her not to harm Felipe. Nicole tells Barbara that she managed to rent the penthouse that belonged to their mother. Elenice tells Alípio that they will have to move. Túlio tells Christian/Renato that he will assume the executive’s irregularities. Lara approaches Christian/Renato on the way out of Redentor.

The chapters of Um Lugar ao Sol are provided by Globo and are subject to change without notice

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