Sthe blames Dynho for starting the flirt

The relationship between Dynho Alves and Sthe Matos always raised suspicion in A Fazenda 13. While some saw a friendly and sibling relationship, Rico Melquiades, MC Mirella and the public they saw something more and that was confirmed by TikToker in the early hours of Sunday (5).

in conversation with Aline Mineiro, Sthe fears it will be canceled by the public and by the family, and the ex-Panicat promises to give a signal if it is eliminated, warning that the situation of the two is out of the house. THE Tiktoker also said that touching Dynho’s private parts three times and that the pawn got excited.


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curious, Aline asks if the interest exists between the two: “And how is the true reciprocal?” and Sthe defends: “He started it”. “Swear? I don’t have faith”, answers the girlfriend of Leo Lins and the friend continues: “So, right… Once it’s started, let’s finish it. If it starts, it ends”.

Already anticipating that your engagement went downhill from there, Sthefane Matos plays with Aline Mineiro who must already be single and need a new house: “I’m on the street, Aline. I no longer have a home, I no longer have a family. We’ll have to live together”. The two people end the conversation with laughter.

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