Ten cases of covid are detected on cruises with thousands of people – International

Norwegian Breakaway Ship
Ship is returning to Miami with hundreds of passengers (photo: Pixabay)

Ten cases of covid-19 were detected among the crew and passengers of a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) cruise ship, which returns this Sunday (5) to New Orleans with thousands of people on board, according to US health authorities. USA.

“The ‘Norwegian Breakaway’ left New Orleans on Nov. 28 and stopped in Belize, Honduras and Mexico,” tweeted the Louisiana Department of Health on Saturday (4).

“There are more than 3,200 people on board.”

The department said that everyone traveling on the ship will be tested for covid-19 before disembarking.

“Those who test positive for covid-19 will travel in personal vehicles directly to their own homes or will be isolated under current regulations in accommodation provided by the NCL,” tweeted the health department.

The cruise industry has been severely hit by the pandemic.

Cruise travel was suspended in the United States in March 2020, when health authorities issued an order to prevent covid infections.

Some cruise ships resumed activities in Europe and other destinations last year, but the ban remained in the United States.

After a year of massive losses, the cruise industry resumed its travels from the United States in May of this year, when health authorities gave the green light to vaccinated passengers and crew.

Canada lifted its ban on cruise ships operating in its waters last month.

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