Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes leave the maternity hospital and show their baby

Actors Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes left the maternity hospital accompanied by their newborn son

The actors Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes they left the Perinatal maternity hospital in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro accompanied by their newborn son, little Francisco. The baby left the maternity hospital in the arms of his parents and wearing a red blanket.

Little Francisco was born three days ago through a premature birth. He came into the world between 33 and 34 weeks of gestation, which is equivalent to eight months. Fortunately, the baby was born very well and can be discharged only three days after delivery.

Thaila Ayala gave birth through a cesarean delivery. She had been on bed rest for about two weeks, precisely because there were chances of the actress having a premature birth, since she was having a lot of contractions.

To leave motherhood, Thaila opted for a white dress, while Renato wore blue pants and shirt. The red blanket for little Francisco is a classic choice and very common among dads and moms. This is because there is a popular belief that the color red provides protection for babies.

Internet users were just praise for Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes with little Francisco. “What a beautiful little package”, commented a netizen. And another internet user said: “What a beautiful love package!”.

A netizen also said: “Congratulations family! And good luck to you with this beautiful baby!”. And one internet user even said: “How beautiful! The true meaning of the love package!”. One netizen also stated: “How cute! Your baby is all packed up!”. And a netizen commented: “Congratulations to the new daddies and long life for Francisco!”.

While they were still in the maternity ward, Thaila, Renato and baby Francisco were visited by actress Fiorella Mattheis. In addition to being a great friend of the actors, she will also be little Francisco’s godmother.

Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes leaving motherhood with their son

agnews Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes leaving motherhood with their newborn

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