The ancient Persian’s ingenious solution to ‘catch the wind’ and cool off in the scorching heat

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view of Yazd and its wind picks

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Yazd is said to have more wind picks than any other city in the world.

From Ancient Egypt to the Persian Empire, an ingenious method of capturing and directing the wind has refreshed people for millennia. In the quest for emission-free cooling, the “wind catcher” may come to help us again.

The city of Yazd, in the desert of central Iran, has long been a center of creativity. Yazd is home to one of the wonders of ancient engineering — a system that includes an underground cooling structure called the yakhchal, an underground irrigation system called the qanats, and even a messenger network called pirradazis, created more than 2,000 years before the US Postal Service .

Among the ancient technologies of Yazd is the wind catcher, or bâdgir, in Persian.

These remarkable structures are commonly found towering over the roofs of Yazd. They are often rectangular towers, but they also exist in circular, square, octagonal, and other ornate shapes.

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