Tourists support cancellation of New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro

Tourists from various states who are traveling through Rio de Janeiro, expressed support for the decision to cancel the New Year’s Eve party, in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. The suspension of the mega event, which would have 13 stages set up in different parts of the city, was announced this Saturday (4) by Mayor Eduardo Paes, on social networks and reinforced moments later in a press conference.

On the Copacabana sidewalk, the main scene of the party, tourists interviewed by CNN from Paraná and São Paulo, a state that accounts for three of the six confirmed cases of the Ômicron variant, said that despite the stability of the pandemic in the country, this is not the time yet. suitable for agglomerations.

“I think it’s better to wait a bit and enjoy a more relaxed New Year’s Eve, without crowding”, evaluated the publicist Grazielle Gervasio, a tourist from São Paulo.

“I think the return has to be gradual. And crowding everyone together in the same place at this time, I think it would not be prudent”, added tourist Leandro Peron, from Londrina, Paraná, during a walk along the coast.

As well as tourists, the National Academy of Medicine (ANM) congratulated all government officials, in all spheres, who, following medical-scientific guidelines, canceled the official end-of-year parties (New Year’s Eve).

“To those government officials who did not do it (cancellation), to assess the non-realization of these parties, which generate crowds and may intensify the transmission of Covid-19, and result in a new wave of pandemic”, defended the ANM.

Concerned about the possible resurgence of the Coronavirus pandemic and especially the Ômicron variant, the academy considers it essential to maintain the use of masks, hand hygiene and physical distance.

Brazil has already registered six cases of patients infected with the Ômicron variant. This Friday (3), the government of Rio Grande do Sul confirmed the first case in the state. Before, São Paulo and the Federal District had already attested the presence of the strain in five samples.

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