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Aline Mineiro, Dynho Alves, Mileide Mihaile and Solange Gomes make up the 12th farm of A Fazenda 13. The roceiros quartet was defined in the early hours of this Wednesday (8). Who do you want to stay on the Record reality show? Vote in the poll at the end of this text.

Sthefane Matos, champion of the Trial of Fire, started the formation of the hot seat with the opening of the powers of the lamp. Victor Igoh’s ex-fiancée had the mission to choose between the red and yellow scrolls. She took the lighter color and handed the darker color to Dynho Alves.

After handing the power over to her ally, the influencer revealed the order of her scroll: “You must choose between being immune to the formation of the swidden or winning a prize of R$ 10 thousand”. The woman from Bahia opted to get rid of the risk zone.

Farmer of the week, Rico Melquiades was called to make his nomination and took aim at Dynho. “I think it’s clear to the audience who I want to be with here, but it’s also clear to the people I don’t play with. I’ve had many disagreements here,” explained the man from Alagoas.

“He just said he wants to see me out of the game, he calls me a plant, a shadow, he says I’m carried by my friends. I’m very grateful to the friends who helped me get here. My heart is calm. The part The noblest thing we have in our hearts is to ask forgiveness for our mistakes”, reacted the funkeiro.

Then Adriane Galisteu began voting at headquarters. Arcrebiano de Araújo, Bil became the target of the time and received four votes. The model sat on the second stool in the garden and pulled Aline, a resident of the stall. Solange also ended up in the hot seat after remaining in the dynamics of the remaining one.

Owner of the red parchment, Dynho revealed the power of the night: “The owner of this power must exchange one of the farmers (except the one indicated by the farmer) for one of the pawns of the headquarters or of the stall”. MC Mirella’s ex-husband took Bil off the hook and nominated Mileide.

Before ending the program, Galisteu asked Solange to veto one of the other farmers from the Farmer’s Test. The ex-Banheira do Gugu took away Mileide’s chance to win the head office’s bigwig hat.


Who do you want to stay in A Fazenda 13 on the 12th farm?

who voted for whom

See below who voted for whom in the formation of the farm:

  • Solange Gomes voted for MC Gui
  • MC Gui voted for Arcrebiano de Araújo
  • Mileide Mihaile voted for Arcrebiano de Araújo
  • Arcrebiano de Araújo voted for MC Gui
  • Marina Ferrari voted for MC Gui
  • Aline Mineiro voted for Arcrebiano de Araújo
  • Sthefane Matos voted for Arcrebiano de Araújo
  • Dynho Alves voted for Mileide Mihaile

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