Aneel authorizes readjustment of 6.93% in energy bills in Rondônia – Geral –

On Tuesday (7), the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) approved the 2021 Tariff Adjustment for Energisa Rondônia Distribuidora de Energia SA – a company that serves around 675 thousand consumer units in the state of Rondônia.

The agency says that the set of “actions taken to mitigate tariffs collaborated to mitigate the impact of the readjustment”.

The new indexes that will take effect next Monday (13/12). The average increase is around 6.93%.

Of the components that most impacted this adjustment, the removal of the financial components referring to the previous tariff process stand out, in addition to sector charges and activities related to electricity distribution.

The average effect of high voltage refers to classes A1 (>= 230 kV), A2 (from 88 to 138 kV), A3 (69 kV) and A4 (from 2.3 to 25 kV). For low voltage, the average includes classes B1 (Residential and low-income residential subclass); B2 (Rural: subclasses such as agriculture and livestock, rural electrification cooperative, rural industry, rural irrigation public service); B3 (Industrial, commercial, services and other activities, government, public service and own consumption); and B4 (Public lighting).

More information on tariff processes can be found at, on the link understanding the tariff, and on the ANEEL Consumidor app, available for Android or IOS mobile devices.

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