Indian sadhu has stood for 45 years with his right arm raised

Indian sadhu has had his right arm raised for 45 years

Indian sadhu has had his right arm raised for 45 years

Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@V_Shuddhi

Indian Sadhu Amar Bharati has had his right arm raised for over 45 years and does not plan to lower it any time soon, according to the British website united. Due to the long period in the same position, his arm is withered.

This story began in 1973. Bharati was married, had three children and worked at an Indian bank, but he decided to give up everything to dedicate his life to Shiva, a Hindu deity. To truly serve his religious beliefs, he decided to raise his right arm and keep it that way for as long as he lived. Since then, he has never touched her waist again.

“I don’t ask for much. Why do we fight each other, why is there so much hatred and enmity between us? I want all Indians to live in peace. I want the whole world to live in peace,” Bharati told united.

According to the website, at first it was quite painful for Bharati. After approximately two years the agony began to abate and soon he lost any sensation in his right arm, which atrophied. And even if he wanted to lower his arm, he probably couldn’t do it without extensive preparation, because of permanent nerve damage and loss of circulation.

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