A portion of R$ 400 of Auxílio Brasil may not be enough for everyone; know the reason

Last month, the government started the payments from Brazil Aid. This program replaced Bolsa Família and brought changes and expansions. For this month, the estimate is that the average payment is R$ 400. However, not all beneficiaries will receive this amount.

A portion of R$ 400 of Auxílio Brasil may not be enough for everyone;  know the reason
A portion of R$ 400 of Auxílio Brasil may not be enough for everyone; know the reason (Image: montage/FDR)

The Help Brazil, old family allowance, intends to expand the number of beneficiaries and the average amount received. Currently, 14.5 million families in poverty or extreme poverty are covered. However, the government intends to add another 2 million beneficiaries, gradually.

The average payment of Bolsa Família was R$192, but the first payment of the Brazil Aid the average was readjusted, based on inflation, going to R$ 224. However, the proposal is that this average should be R$ 400 from this month on. The new values ​​are based on the following benefits:

  • Early Childhood Benefit: families with children up to 3 years old receive the amount of R$130;
  • Benefit for Overcoming Extreme Poverty: young people aged 18 to 21 who are incomplete receive R$ 65, the aim being to encourage young people to complete schooling;
  • Family Membership Benefit: for families that have pregnant women, or people aged 3 to 17 years old, or people aged between 18 and 21 years old enrolled in basic education. The benefit amount will be R$65 per person, with a limit of up to five benefits per family;

  • Esporte Escolar Allowance: students aged 12 to 17 years old who stand out in official competitions of the Brazilian school games system and who are from beneficiary families of Auxílio Brasil receive a single monthly payment of R$1,000 or R$100;
  • Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship: for students who perform well in academic competitions. The amount is 12 monthly installments of R$100 or R$1 thousand in a single installment;
  • Child Citizen Assistance: for the person responsible for a child aged up to 4 years old who has a source of income but cannot find a place in public day care centers or in a partner network. The value is R$200 for children enrolled part-time and R$300 full-time;
  • Rural Productive Inclusion Aid: intended for family farmers registered in the Single Registry for Federal Government social programs (Single). The amount received must be R$200;
  • Urban Productive Inclusion Aid: intended for those who can prove a formal employment relationship. Amount received must be R$200;
  • Emancipation Rule: for beneficiaries who had an increase in per capita income exceeding the limit for inclusion in the aid, they will be kept on the payroll for another 24 months.

Like Bolsa Família, Auxílio Brasil is made up of several benefits, each one aimed at a group. For this reason, even with an average of R$400, the amount received varies, depending on the family composition.

Who will be left out of Auxílio Brasil?

During the announcement of the replacement of Bolsa Família, the current government promised to register 17 million people as beneficiaries. However, only 14.5 million were included in this payment of up to R$400.

what does it mean to exclusion of at least 3 million people still waiting in the waiting list. The reason for not releasing Auxílio Brasil has to do with the lack of funds to finance the program.

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