After Jorge Jesus’ victory, Flamengo’s board lives drama, says channel

Jorge Jesus is one of the names Flamengo wants for 2022

Credit: Alexandre Vidal/Flemish

Benfica defeated Dynamo Kiev 2-0 and guaranteed a place in the round of 16 of the Champions League. The Portuguese team was helped by Bayern Munich’s 3-0 victory against Barcelona. The combination of results is considered negative for Flamengo.

That’s because the rubro-negro team found another obstacle to succeed in the return of Jorge Jesus.

The tendency is for the Portuguese coach to follow in Encarnados next year and compete in the rest of the international championship.

With that, the Flemish board will have to work with other names. The scenario, however, is dramatic, according to information from the Pilhado channel.

According to the communication vehicle, the board is at a loss as to which professional to choose. A Brazilian coach is not completely ruled out.

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In addition, Pilhado’s report informs that, at the club, people are hired for convenience and not for conviction.

What does Flamengo say?

After the re-election of Rodolfo Landim, the vice president of Flamengo football, Marcos Braz, guaranteed that Jorge Jesus was an option, but he preached caution when choosing a new coach.

“There is no one mapping, no agent mapping anything in the market. Who is watching and mapping who can actually coach Flamengo is the football department at Flamengo”, he guaranteed.

“We are going to see who is better able, who could come here right now. But calmly, calmly”, added Braz.

“If there is a moment when we have a little more peace of mind, it is now, we will use this time”, concluded the manager.

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