Bonus of up to R$ 6,500 approved for 24 thousand state employees


State Health and Education professionals will be covered

12/8/2021 5:09:58 PM

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More than 24,000 Education and Health servers will receive bonuses from the State. On Tuesday (07), Governor Renato Casagrande announced the payment of this allowance for the categories.

In the case of teaching, according to Casagrande, the amount to be paid is R$6,500, while health workers will receive up to R$3,000. The proposals for granting these benefits were forwarded to the State Legislative Assembly (Ales) and approved this Wednesday (8th).

Casagrande announced that the Education bonus is only for teachers, coordinators, pedagogues and principals who are in the effective exercise of teaching in school units.

The group contemplated is made up of professionals who receive from the Fund for the Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and the Valorization of Education Professionals (Fundeb).

“The Fundeb law establishes that it is necessary to apply at least 70% of the resources of the Basic Education Fund in salary for the teacher who is in activity. We applied 60% to 62% here, but we had to apply 70%”, explained the governor.

According to him, this payment was determined by a law approved by Congress and the State even sought the Federal Supreme Court (STF), in Brasília, on account of Complementary Law 173, which prohibited the granting of bonuses to civil servants until December 31 of this year. The exception is Health or Social Assistance professionals.

As the STF did not decide, the government sought out the Espírito Santo Audit Court (TC-ES), which authorized the payment of the bonus only to these professionals, who are more than 14 thousand civil servants, according to the State Department of Education (Sedu ).

Health workers will receive the Covid Bonus. About 10,000 who worked from April 2020 to September this year will be covered, according to the State Department of Health (Sesa).

“During this period, those who worked from 6 months to 12 months in the state health system will receive a R$2,000 bonus. Anyone who worked 12 months or more will receive a R$3,000 bonus. It is a manifestation of the State government in gratitude for the extraordinary work that health workers have done. It is a recognition of this work”, he stated.

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