Globo’s Anchor sends a kiss to “the low parts” live

Last Tuesday (07), during the JRO1, main local news of the Amazon Network, Globo affiliate in Rondônia, the presenter made a live gaffe and blew a kiss to the “low parts”. It all started after the newspaper’s anchor, Yonara Werri, read a message from a viewer on the program’s panel. In the message, a person warned that his father sees her every day.

It was then that, when thanking the affection, the journalist got confused and said the word “pau” instead of “father”. “Send a kiss to my father Valquir and me too. Yonara, my father watches JRO1 every day”, wrote a person who signed Vinícius in the message. “So there’s a big kiss for you, Vinicius, and also for your cock… for your father Valquir. A big kiss to everyone,” said the anchor, who was embarrassed by his faux pas.


In October, it was another journalist’s turn to make a fuss. During Bora Pernambuco, the program of TV Tribune, affiliate of Band in the northeast, the reporter Rafael Cabral made a faux pas by confusing onion with cabbage. The journalist was making an entrance to a fair to show black friday prices, when he spotted a red cabbage on a stand and said in the air that it was a red onion.

Realizing the faux pas, Rafael was very embarrassed and began to laugh. At the end of the article, he went to put the cabbage on the bench, but let the vegetables fall. Upon returning to the studio, the anchors began to laugh at the situation.

Record reporter is clumsy in reporting and gets angry

During a recording of a story for Record, the reporter Maria Carolina Peace was irritated by the passage of a truck. When trying to record her passage, the vehicle honked several times, hindering the professional’s conclusion of the matter. Visibly furious at having to record everything again, the communicator thanked her, in an ironic tone, and left the camera plan, which registered all the reporter’s anger.

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