How to simulate and contract your Caixa Tem Credit

The Caixa Tem application was created in 2020 to meet the demand of beneficiaries of Emergency Assistance. However, the app was not deactivated after the end of the program and continues with news, including the Caixa Tem credit line.

Caixa Tem credit began to be granted on September 27 and follows a schedule according to birth date, so that users have access to the requisition. The amount available for loan varies from R$300 to R$1 thousand.

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Simulation and contracting of Caixa Tem credit

The simulation and contracting of Caixa Tem credit is done completely online. So, see below which steps you should follow:

  • First, access the Caixa Tem application;
  • Then update your registration;
  • Check if there is a limit available for the service;
  • If there is, click on ““CAIXA Tem Credit”;
  • Indicate the desired amount for the loan;
  • Then choose the best payment date;
  • Finally, define how many installments you want to pay off the debt.

The program releases loans in up to 24 installments with interest of 3.99% per month. Function release follows calendar based on anniversary date. Thus, the next groups are those of birthdays from the following months:

​September and October​​​ December 13, 2021
​November and December​​​ December 27, 2021

Modalities of the Caixa Tem loan

Loans through the Caixa Tem application have two lines of credit that are automatically selected according to the client’s needs. Look:

  • Folks: line intended for personal use, with allocation of the free amount.
  • For your business: the Box defines this line as “productive credit oriented towards expenses with suppliers, salaries of helpers/employees, water, electricity and rent bills, purchase of raw materials and merchandise for resale, among others.”

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