In high and reinforcement of Cruzeiro, forward Edu has already received a salary of R$ 600 at Brusque – Rádio Itatiaia

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Edu has not yet been made official by Cruzeiro, which should soon announce the signing of the striker

Brusque anticipated Cruzeiro and revealed the Raposa’s hit with forward Edu, top scorer in Serie B this year with 17 goals. At the age of 28, the player will have the most experience of his career, as he has worn the jerseys of Itaboraí-RJ, Nova Iguaçu-RJ and Tubarão-SC, as well as the Quadricolor himself.

Living an important leap in football, Edu now rises to a higher level and will have a better salary. He, a player who has already received a payout of R$600.

“I brought Edu to Brusque in 2017, with a salary I can say, because Edu is a spontaneous and direct brother. At the time he came to Brusque earning R$ 2500. And his first salary for days worked was R$ $ 600. And he was looking for his career, scoring the goals, in every passage of the clubs he was scoring goals”, reveals to Itatiaia, the executive director of the Santa Catarina club, André Rezini.

Edu had two spells at Brusque, between 2017 and 2018, and this one now, which started in 2020.

“Two years ago I brought him back to Brusque, he had a ligament injury, and he came back very strong in Serie B, scoring 17 goals, playing almost every game. it’s important for Brusque. But it’s also important for Edu, for his family. We have to respect that. Important in life is to be important for both sides, athletes and club. We’re happy for the moment, but sad for losing a top scorer,” completed Rezini.

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