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As Barbara’s interpreter in Um Lugar ao Sol, Alinne Moraes uses empathy to justify the attitudes taken by the character in Lícia Manzo’s story. The rich girl commits crazy things to impress Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond) in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera. “She grew up with a massive lack of affection,” analyzes the actress.

In the plot, the little preppy constantly demonstrates that she feels overlooked by Santiago (José de Abreu). “Bárbara had an absent father and mother, she knew them and, even so, she didn’t have them. She grew up with a gigantic lack of affection, she feels lost, without belonging, is irresponsible and bipolar like her mother. Barbara is a sad woman . We are very different,” says Alinne.

The artist still tries to defend the character amidst the trouble she got into when she stole a text from Janine (Indira Nascimento) in the serial: “She does it without measuring the size of the lie when she says that she was the one who wrote the text. if he said he made the dinner when he already bought it”.

“For her, it’s nonsense, but the lie ends up becoming an even bigger nightmare in Janine’s life, who is the great victim, and has nothing to do with Barbara’s follies”, completes the actress in an interview with columnist Patrícia Kogut , from the newspaper O Globo.

Alinne is also surprised by the repercussion that the rich woman has had among the public: “A success! I follow a little on the networks, which is where they most comment on the scenes. At the time of the telenovela, the comments boom. People praise him a lot. text, the actors and the direction. I see that they have really liked Barbara and the dramatic scenes, which are not few.”

In this beginning, it seems that the character walks with a charged cloud on her head. She has already presented herself as classist, prejudiced, elitist, among other flaws, and, even so, the public has ignored her.

However, the interpreter makes a point of differentiating her trajectory from Barbara’s: “I was raised by two great independent women: my grandmother, a widow who raised her daughter alone, and by this daughter, who is my mother, who raised me without presence of a father. I only got to know him when I was an adult. From a very early age, I knew the strength of women in all their complexity, sensitivity and potency. I lived a form of female emancipation in practice, at home. Unlike the character, always I was strong”.

Um Lugar ao Sol is a novel written by Lícia Manzo and will have 107 chapters. The plot is all recorded due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Check out the summaries of the chapters of the nine soap opera that the TV news publishes daily.

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