Marília Mendonça: understand the controversy involving the singer’s ex and affair

Murilo Huff regretted missing her ex and mother of her child, the singer Marília Mendonça, at dawn this Wednesday (8). In his Twitter account, the countryman said that it is strange to know that he will no longer see Marília and that everyone died in the plane crash.

“I’m fine! It’s just a vent: there are times when I miss you a lot… Marilia, Henrique and Boy, you’re missed a lot! It’s very strange to know that we won’t see each other again… not here, not now “, wrote the artist in the microblog.

In another publication, Murilo said he is striving to be strong. “I’m trying hard to be strong and be the best for whoever stayed, but sometimes it’s awesome…”, he said. In the comments, Maraisa left a message of support for the musician. “Go ahead, friend,” Maiara’s sister wished.

Murilo Huff comments Matheuzinho’s supposed indirection

Murilo also spoke about the alleged criticism made by Matheuzinho, Marília’s last affair, which went viral on the web. The singer would have answered a follower who detonated him for being at a party shortly after the death of the “queen of suffering”.

“The widower is already on the spree,” the netizen fired. Matheuzinho would then have replied: “The other man who claims to be a widower you have to send a message. He’s partying too.”

Matheuzinho, however, used social media to deny the images: “Fake news. Stop”. Given the repercussion, Huff made a request to fans: “Class, let’s not get into fights please… it’s not our intention to feed any kind of hatred. God knows all things.”

Matheuzinho resumes shows after Marília Mendonça’s death

Last week, Matheuzinho opened Garota VIP at Arena Anhembi, in São Paulo, and celebrated his return to the stage. He declared that although it is difficult to go on without the “queen of suffering”, what sustains him in these moments is knowing that the girl from Goiás would like to be there.

“We have to continue with strength, think about God and work. I’m sure this is what she wants. That all her friends, partners, are doing a show, singing for her. I’m sure Marília is up there listening to we are very happy for everything that is happening here,” he said.

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