new trailer shows more details about the plot

Warner Bros. (finally) released this week the long-awaited final trailer for “The Matrix: Resurrections.” With lots of action and visual effects to spare, the new preview shows Neo (Keanu Reeves) facing the perils of the machine world again, guided by new — and old — allies.

The film opens for real only December 22, but for those who’ve waited nearly 20 years for a sequel, it feels right there.

At new scenes bring more details about the story of the film and confirm some theories that have circulated among fans since the announcement of the feature. Check it out:

The trailer shows Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), better known as Neo, being reintroduced to the dangers of the machine world. The trailer also confirms a suspicious personality of Jonathan Groff’s character.

So much so that it is within this context that confirmation came that the character played by Groff will indeed be an updated version of Agent Smith from the original trilogy. Here, he appears repeating the same speech of Hugo Weaving’s villain in the first feature, making the connection between the two more than clear.

Also highlighted are details about the reunion of Neo and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). In the scenes of the first trailer of the film, released in September, the two were already reunited, but they showed not to recognize each other – which led many fans to think that they are, now, new versions of their original characters.

In this second trailer, however, Neo is shown struggling to get out of the Matrix and rejoin Trinity. She, for her part, now seems to remember her partner—or at least understand that the two are somehow connected. It is worth remembering that both characters had died in the last feature. Another important point is the appearance of the character Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith), who has been digitally aged.

In the trailer, Neo also seems to be starting to remember the events of the previous films, and during a scene where the character is about to jump off the roof of a building, hidden in the background is the “the Game Awards”, an important awarding event in the gamer universe.

Another important point is that the trailer already presents the theme that Matrix Resurrections should address in this return to the franchise after nearly two decades away from the theaters. Apparently, the main issue addressed in the script is this reminder of what is real — something that gains a lot of strength when one of the characters talks about how much noise the Matrix dumps on our heads.

Thus, taking into account the contestatory character that the series has always had, it is not difficult to draw real parallels with the internet, social networks, fake news and even the much talked about metaverse. Thus, everything indicates that Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and company will return maintaining the relevance they had in the early 2000s, when they anticipated themes that only became real issues years later.

The film, it is worth remembering, takes place after the events of the trilogy: “The Matrix” (1999), “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” (both from 2003). The three films were written and directed by sisters Lana and Lilly Wachowski. For the new, Lana takes the reins alone.

Anyway, to kill all the anxiety and see the movie at once it won’t be long in coming. “Matrix Resurrections” opens December 22 in theaters across the country.

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