PSG vs Liverpool? Real Madrid vs Chelsea? See Champions Round of 16 pots and potential matches

The Champions League round of 16 draw will be held next Monday, at 9 am (GMT), with the definition of the matches that will take place between February and March 2022

are defined 15 out of 16 classified to the round of 16 gives Champions League – the last wave, between atalanta and Villarreal, will be decided this Thursday (9), after the game was postponed due to weather conditions. With that, it is already possible to imagine which clashes can happen right at the opening of the knockout of the tournament.

The draw that defines the round of 16 games takes place next Monday (13), at 9 am (GMT), with real-time monitoring of the The one-way duels will be played in February 15, 16, 22 and 23 of 2022, while the laps will be in March 8, 9, 15 and 16.

The draw pots were defined with the following teams:

POT 1: Manchester City, Liverpool, Ajax, Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen, Manchester United, Lille and youth

POT 2: Paris Saint-Germain, Madrid’s athletic, sporting, Inter Milan, Benfica, atalanta or Villarreal, Red Bull Salzburg and Chelsea

According to Uefa rules, teams from pot 1, composed of the leaders of each group, will face those in pot 2, with the teams that finished in second place. on the keys. Everyone can face everyone, with the exception of clubs from the same country or which were in the same bracket.

This means, for example, that Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid is not allowed. Like Chelsea, runners-up in Group H, won’t be able to face City, Liverpool or United. Or PSG face Lille.

The others, however, are released. Most “dreaded” team from the second pot, PSG, from Mbappé, Messi and Neymar, will be able to make a huge duel against any power in the pot 1, such as Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern and United.

Atletico Madrid will be able to reissue historical confrontation against Bayern, whom he won in the semifinals in 2015/16.

Chelsea, another dreaded jersey from pot 2, may fall against Bayern (against who won the final in 2011/12) or Real Madrid, in the rerun of last season’s semifinal.

By qualifying for the round of 16, each of the 16 clubs has already pocketed 9.6 million euros, the equivalent of R$ 60.3 million at the current price. Remember that the teams had already won 15.64 million euros (BRL 98.3 million) for qualifying for the tournament.

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