See how Ilze Scamparini manages to record from the terrace in Rome

Ilze Scamparini revealed her secret always remembered on social media by fans: how does the journalist record the passages — when the reporter appears in the story — with the church’s dome in the background?

The journalist, who was amused by the question on “Conversa com Bial” (TV Globo), explained how she managed to have the scenario. The dome we always see behind Ilzi is that of the Inês Church, made by the architect Francesco Borromini.

Our open studio is right next to Navona Square. After the Vatican church, which is a Michelangelo dome, the most important dome in Rome is that of Santa Agnes. The Roman terraces are very popular, we were waiting for years for a place that had a monument of art and importance to be able to show Brazilians as a fixed setting. Ilze Scamparini at ‘Conversa com Bial’

Ilze has definitely proved that he is not Batman.

live emotion

The journalist recalled when she was covering the arrival of covid-19 in Italy and the critical moment in the country last year. She even got emotional live at “Bom Dia Brasil” — seeing the denial in Brazil also distressed her.

“One piece of information that was hitting us violently was the choice of who to die. It was at such a point that the patient arrived at 62 and was not treated, the youngest passed. When things were already dramatic, it was still said that it was a flu. It increased our nervousness, trying to convey to the Brazilian what was going to happen there,” he told Pedro Bial.

Ilze singer

Ilze Scamparini - Play/Globoplay - Play/Globoplay

Ilze Scamparin i also sings; journalist delivered recording to Djavan

Image: Playback/Globoplay

Before becoming a correspondent, the journalist was a special reporter for “Globo Repórter”. In one of the issues she talked about the voice—in fact, she sang.

The recording was even handed over to Djavan.

We take the recording to him [Djavan], he was moved and so were we. I’ve been singing since I was a little girl and I learned at this Globo Repórter, I took singing and tuning lessons. Ilze Scamparini at ‘Conversa com Bial’

queen of glasses too

Ilze Scamparini - Play/Globoplay - Play/Globoplay

Journalist covered ‘Rock In Rio’ in 1985 wearing ‘curious’ glasses

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Ilze has been a Globo correspondent in Rome since 1999 and has covered both the government of Italy and the papal changes in the Vatican. But she is also remembered by fans for her style on TV.

Bial regained her coverage of the 1985 “Rock In Rio” in which he wore glasses with the word “rock”.

Colleagues by profession and function — Bial was also a Globo correspondent —, the two also follow paths outside of journalistic coverage: Bial became a presenter and Ilze has just released a novel and starts a second book, talking about the papacies he followed.

The journalist covered the death of John Paul II, the resignation of Benedict 16 and the election of Pope Francis. She traveled to Germany in 2006, Benedict’s visit to Turkey, demonstrations in Greece in 2010 and followed the saga of refugees off the coast of Libya.

In the book “Correspondents”, Ilze defines the profession as “a choice to have a second life”.

To be a correspondent is to wear a heavy coat and get back pain, it is to gain weight and lose weight continuously. To be literate as an adult in another country. It is separating from the loved one and suffering in each separation as if it were the last time. Ilze Scamparini

Ilze Scamparini - Play/Globoplay - Play/Globoplay

Ilze Scamparini at ‘Conversa com Bial’

Image: Playback/Globoplay

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