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The Senate approved this Wednesday (8), with 71 votes in favor, none against, the bill that authorizes gas stations to buy fuel alcohol (hydrated ethanol) directly from producers and importers. Senator Otto Alencar (PSD-BA) reported on the project. He voted for approval of the text sent by the Chamber, without changes. The project now goes to presidential approval.

The approved text incorporated excerpts from Provisional Measure 1.069/2021, approved on November 25 by the Chamber of Deputies, which allows direct sales to stations also to cooperatives for the production or sale of ethanol, to companies trading that fuel or importers.

As it is a provisional measure, the changes were already in effect since August 11, the date of publication. To become permanent legislation, the proposal needed to be urgently approved within 120 days, that is, the MP was only valid until this Wednesday (9). However, the National Congress had already extended on November 8 the validity of the MP for another 60 days.

The text confirmed this Wednesday in the Senate is the same approved in the Chamber, where deputies withdrew the permission for the sale of fuel from other suppliers than those linked to the banner of the post. According to the rapporteur in the Senate, Otto Alencar, the flexibilization of loyalty to the flag “caused undesirable effects even before it came into force, which motivated the Chamber to withdraw it.

Retail resale of gasoline and hydrous ethanol will also be allowed outside the authorized establishment, but within the territory of the municipality where the retailer is located.

final cost

A promise by President Jair Bolsonaro, the direct sale of ethanol from mills to gas stations had been debated since 2019. The government’s intention is to increase competition in the sector.

For deputy Augusto Coutinho, the objective is to reduce the final cost of fuel. “Direct sales to service stations is a good initiative. You have a region that has mills that can sell to service stations throughout the region, making freight costs cheaper,” he stated.

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