Tatá apologizes to Fiuk with track and mockery at the Multishow Award; video· TV news

Tatá Werneck took advantage of the closing of the Multishow 2021 Award and appeared with a headband with the phrase “100% Fiuk”. In the early hours of this Thursday (9), in a mocking tone, the presenter asked for forgiveness to the son of Fábio Jr. after the two starred in the recordings of Lady Night, a program directed by her at Multishow.

Prepared to say goodbye to the audience, Iza summoned Clara Maria’s mother to the stage. “We have reached the end of yet another Multishow Award, which is already part of the history of Brazilian music. Come here, Tatá”, asked the singer.

The presenter appeared next with the banner “100% Fiuk” in her head, but left to apologize for the disagreement with Cleo’s brother at the end of her speech. “My love, I’m your fan, you’re wonderful. It’s a pleasure to be here, I’m very happy to be with you for another year. If Globo likes it, next year there will be Domingão da Tatazão”, said Tatá, looking at Iza.

“Guys, I wanted to apologize to Fiuk. I want to make up. 100% Fiuk”, shouted Tatá before leaving the stage. “That’s written on her forehead, you can see it, right?”, The Voice’s technician reacted.

Earlier, she had already made a joke of the situation. After Iza praised her dress and played with the possible high investment in the look, Tatá replied: “Don’t talk about budget, because last year I said that my dress was bought by RedeTV! and I was sued. But really, this year, just the right way. that Globo is on, this dress buys Globo. Do you want to buy your Globo? Drag it to the top, buy yours,” she joked.

Afterwards, Pesadão’s voice became serious and asked Tatá to follow the award’s script. “We hadn’t agreed on this,” he said. “Love, don’t make Fiuk, no. Don’t make this controversy,” replied the comedian.

The climax between Fiuk and Tatá happened during the recording of Lady Night. The singer did not like some jokes made by the presenter and complained that they had not combined those jokes. He refused to answer questions and became the target of criticism on social media.

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