The Walking Dead: World Beyond: Creators Comment Surprising End

Image From: The Walking Dead: World Beyond: Creators Comment Surprising End

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the spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond was finished in a surprising way with the arrival of the last episode of the second season. The post-credits scene was the talk and was commented on by creators Scott M. Gimple and Matt Negrete during an interview for the portal decide.

In the post-credits scene, we see a video in which Dr. Edwin Jenner (yes, the CDC doctor who appears in the first season of the original series) talks to French scientists while a mysterious woman watches.

He explains that there are different variants of the virus around the world and he is not sure where they come from. Midway through the speech, a man walks in, kills the woman watching who, within seconds, turns into a zombie and starts knocking on the doors of what turns out to be the French version of the CDC.


About the connection the post-credits scene makes with The Walking Dead, Gimple comments: “It’s a greater relationship with the universe of the walking Dead. In a way, this is all a story.”

Another interesting point of the story is that we now know that there are other types of zombies. When asked about the different confirmed variants and if that would turn the universe into “resident Evil”, Scott brought no conclusions: “We know what it is. I don’t want to reveal this to the public. I want the audience to have fun with it, but I’ll say one thing for sure: it’s not super strong. But things can be different in other corners of the world, that’s for sure.”

The scene, as expected, made fans create theories, especially with the future of the expanded universe, like the Rick Grimes movies and the already confirmed Tales of the Walking Dead, as they open up unlimited possibilities.

Of course, once again, the creator didn’t want to give any spoiler: “[…] is there because it will continue. It’s setting up something. We’re sneaking a peek at something. It will be very, very important to the universe.”

Negrete and Gimple end the interview by commenting on the fate — cruel, redemptive and open to other news — of the series’ main characters at the end. Check out the full interview here.

You watched The Walking Dead: World Beyond? What did you think of the spin-off?

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