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The last round of Brasileirão arrived and, consequently, Cartola FC 2021. Was the year good for you, cardmaker? Too many mutters? So, to close this season, which was full of news, on a high note, tune in to 10 technical tips for the final round of the fantasy game.

The market for round #38 is open until 9 pm (GMT) this Thursday. Click here and climb your team!

Fernando Miguel (Atlético-GO) – C$16.96

– more expensive in the game
– goalkeeper with more games without conceding goals among the likely

Opponent: Flamengo, in Antônio Accioly

Fernando Miguel, Atlético-GO goalkeeper — Photo: Bruno Corsino/ACG

Marcos Felipe (Fluminense) – C$13.60

– 11 games without conceding goals
– 99 defenses
– 5.28 points average as a client

Marcos Felipe in Athletico-PR x Fluminense — Photo: Mailson Santana / Fluminense

Opponent: Chapecoense, at Maracanã

Luiz Otávio (Ceará) – C$7.23

– 29 trips
– 9 games without conceding goals

Opponent: Palmeiras, at Arena Barueri

Thaciano and Luiz Otávio in Ceará x Bahia, for the Northeast Cup — Photo: Felipe Oliveira/EC Bahia

João Victor (Corinthians) – C$8.68

– 73 trips
– 12 games without conceding goals

Opponent: Youth, at Alfredo Jaconi

João Victor Corinthians vs Atlético-GO — Photo: Heber Gomes/Agif

Aderlan (Bragantino) – C$12.23

– two goals and four assists
– 77 trips

Opponent: International, at Nabi Abi Chedid

Aderlan São Paulo x Bragantino — Photo: Ari Ferreira/Red Bull Bragantino

Matheus Bahia (Bahia) – C$11.40

– one goal and three assists
– 58 trips

Opponent: Fortaleza, in Castelão

Matheus Bahia has already played 40 games this season — Photo: Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia

Willian (Corinthians) – C$12.21

– two assists and seven tackles in eight games at Cartola FC
– in the last round he scored 10.20 points

Opponent: Youth, at Alfredo Jaconi

Corinthians 1 x 1 Grêmio – Willian — Photo: Marcos Riboli

Fernando Sobral (Ceará) – C$12.63

– 121 trips
– 6.50 points in the last round

Opponent: Palmeiras, at Arena Barueri

Fernando Sobral, midfielder from Ceará — Photo: Aurélio Alves

Arthur (Bragantino) – C$18.05

– average of 6.70 points
– 11 goals and seven assists

Opponent: International, at Nabi Abi Chedid

Artur Athletico x Bragantino – South American Final — Photo: Ari Ferreira/Red Bull Bragantino

Marine (Santos) – C$17.20

– six goals and one assist
– 49 submissions

Opponent: Cuiabá, in Vila Belmiro

Marinho during the match between Flamengo and Santos — Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

Fluminense x Chapecoense
Palm trees x Ceará
Santos x Cuiabá
America-MG x São Paulo
Grêmio x Atlético-MG
Fortaleza x Bahia
Sport x Athletico-PR
Bragantino x International
Youth x Corinthians
Atlético-GO x Flamengo

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