Young revolts with Uber after paying R$500 for a 14-minute trip

A 21-year-old young man revolted with Uber after requesting a 6.5 km trip and being charged the sum of 80 euros, the equivalent of R$504. According to the British newspaper The Mirror, Georgia Musgrave usually pays £10 (BRL 62) on the same route.

According to the publication, the boy had gone out to enjoy the night with friends in the center of Manchester, England. When it was time to go home, however, the surprise.


He would have complained about the amount to the driver, who said he couldn’t do anything. After the controversy, Uber decided to refund Georgia’s tariff.

“It seemed okay, we didn’t stop anywhere along the way and the driver didn’t say anything about it being more expensive,” said the boy. “The Ubers that I pick up from the city center cost me between 10 and 15 euros. When I woke up and checked my emails, I was in shock. I thought it must be a mistake.”

According to the British, Uber’s justification was that Georgia requested a driver at a time of great demand. “I know it’s close to Christmas so if it was £35 I would have thought fair but £80 is extortion,” he said.

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