Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano meet again at Globo’s special

After a controversy involving the brothers and the documentary “It’s love” which debuts this Thursday (9) on Netflix, the brothers Zeze Di Camargo and Luciano meet again at the end of the year special

some time ago the brothers Zeze Di Camargo and Luciano they don’t share the same dressing room, and they haven’t shared the same stage for some time. After the death of the patriarch of Camargo family, Seu Francisco, who died last year from a pulmonary embolism, the pair moved away.

During this period, each one dedicated themselves to a special project. Luciano Camargo invested in his gospel career, released a solo album and even won a year-end special on Record TV last year.

Already Zeze di Camargo he isolated himself on a farm in the interior of Goiás with his current wife, Graciele Lacerda, and produced a documentary with his daughter Wanessa. Zezé, who is also releasing his first solo album, was banned from mentioning his brother in the series “É o Amor – Família Camargo” that debuts tomorrow on Netflix.

Separated for over a year, the sertanejos will meet again and perform together in the year-end special by singer Roberto Carlos, which will be shown on TV Globo under the direction of the almighty Boninho, with a date to be defined.

According to journalist Leo Dias, the duo agreed to participate in the “Rei” special at the end of the year, alongside names such as Sandy, Lucas, Wanderléa, Fafá de Belém, Jota Quest, Erasmo, Ivete Sangalo, Liah Soares and Zeca Pagodinho .

What happened to Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano?

(Photo: Disclosure)
(Photo: Disclosure)

O Country singer and now gospel Luciano Camargo see yourself surrounded by separation rumors of the brother Zeze di Camargo all the time, this is because the duo has been doing solo work since the beginning of the pandemic and, according to sources heard by the Country Movement, do not talk about an effective return of the duo soon. Now the singer finally opened the game and brought the truth about the end of the sertaneja duo which is talked about so much on the internet.

Luciano Camargo, who became embroiled in controversy after sending messages to fans asking to hear his new song and was snubbed by Zezé Di Camargo fans who claimed not to miss him, granted an interview to the program “It’s from Home“, where he spoke about his personal life and commented on career plans, now focused on gospel.

“I never expressed my feelings about God, and in a year of pandemic… It really took everyone by surprise. There are people saying that we are separating, but I don’t care, because I know my brother and I are together. I know his fans for my projects, and he knows my fans for his projects. But everything is in God’s time, I always say that”, shot the singer.

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