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American businessman John Textor eo Botafogo signed a pre-contract this Friday that gives the English businessman the priority in the purchase of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) from the alvinegro club.

Earlier, the ge had brought up that the American, who owns 18% of the shares in Crystal Palace, which plays in the Premier League, it was the investor who traded with Botafogo.

John Textor advanced in the negotiation for the purchase of SAF from Botafogo — Photo: Disclosure

– It is with great satisfaction that we announce this historic milestone in Botafogo. A club of our greatness will have a partner of the highest level to invest and create the conditions that allow us to retake the leading role in Brazilian and world football. Now, we begin a second stage of the process, equally important, before formalizing the new legal constitution – said Durcesio Mello, president of Botafogo.

– I thank everyone who committed themselves, in an executive and professional way, for this moment. The Alvinegro fan, who for years was at our side even in times of great difficulty, is to be congratulated for his unconditional support and for believing in the professionalism of the management – continued Durcesio, to the club’s official website.

Durcesio Mello, president Botafogo, celebrated the breakthrough in the club’s transformation — Photo: Botafogo FR

Jorge Braga, CEO of Botafogo, also celebrated the commitment signed with the American John Textor.

– It took nine months of serious and professional work to reach the end of 2021 with Botafogo in Serie A and now with an investor in SAF. I am very happy to be able to contribute to Glorious.

Responsible for the investment banking area at XP, the company that helped Botafogo in its search for an investor, Pedro Mesquita signed the agreement on a social network:

– I would like to congratulate @botafogo for signing the agreement with the group led by American John Textor! Another club that chose the path of professionalization! Congratulations to everyone involved! @xpinvestments

In the negotiation, John Textor should take out a bridge loan to make Botafogo’s operation viable in the first half of 2022. The expectation of the executives who run the negotiation is that the purchase process can be concluded by mid-January.

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On the SporTV Selection this Friday, André Rizek explained that the Alvinegra board insists on a contribution greater than the R$ 400 million that will be invested by Ronaldo in Cruzeiro.

Textor is an American businessman with a media-related business. He was an executive at Digital Domain, a special effects company that worked on several films. He bought a stake in Crystal Palace in August for €103 million. His offer of 50 million euros for 25% of Benfica ended up not prospering.

The entrepreneur started his career as a programmer. After Digital Domain, he founded and was CEO of fuboTV, a US-based streaming company focused on sports distribution and general entertainment. The fuboTV’s IPO (stock listing) on ​​the New York Stock Exchange generated a valuation of US$8 billion (approximately R$45 billion) in October 2020.

Forbes magazine ranked Textor in 2016 as “Hollywood’s virtual reality guru”. He is known for championing the marriage of media and technology.

The American businessman is building a portfolio of clubs around the world. In addition to holding 18% of the shares in Crystal Palace, Textor also tried to negotiate the purchase of SAD (Sociedade Anónima de Desportos) from Benfica, but the deal ended up not coming out. The American is close to acquiring a stake in the Belgian second division’s RWD Molenbeek.

— Photo: Disclosure

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