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The signing of a non-binding contract between Eagle Holdings and Botafogo for businessman John Textor to be the club’s investor in the coming years generated a great deal of commotion in the crowd. Through social networks, most Botafogo residents celebrated that the team of the heart will have a greater investment in the coming years and that Christmas Eve made Botafogo reborn. But this opinion is not unanimous.

One of the public critics of the signing of the contract between Botafogo and Textor’s company was the former president of the Chamber of Deputies and currently federal deputy Rodrigo Maia (no party – RJ). According to the politician, those who think the sale was a good deal make a “strong error”.

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Crystal Palace partner signs pre-agreement for the purchase of SAF do Botafogo

Crystal Palace partner signs pre-agreement for the purchase of SAF do Botafogo

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Far from the social network used by the deputy, who was also present was former president Carlos Augusto Montenegro. Viralized a message from the cardinal saying that he did what he could for Botafogo. He claims that the proposal closed by XP was better than the one his group had presented. According to the message, it is the “best deal of life”.

– Thanks for the affection. Anyone who puts up their face is certainly loved and hated. I did what I could for the Club. Now it’s just sit down with the crowd and cheer. We had a proposal from nearly 700 million Americans. The one that was closed is much better. Bloggers, media and XP are not knowing how to communicate. There are 400 million and more in debt. He is paying 1.4 billion. The double. Best deal of life. I am really happy. Changes the history of the Club. Congratulations to President Durcesio, Jorge Braga and XP.

(Editor’s note: In fact, Textor’s investment is not R$1.4 billion, as the former president says. The amount to be invested is R$400 million. From this amount, the entrepreneur will choose how he will invest , whether in football, paying short-term debts or renegotiating others… The American businessman becomes a joint debtor, which means that he can be charged for the R$ 1 billion debt if there is no payment determined by the court).

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Carlos Augusto Montenegro, former president of Botafogo, liked the proposal — Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

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Who also showed enthusiasm with the negotiation was the influencer Felipe Neto. For the businessman, the best news involving the proximity of the SAF realization is that professionalization will enter the club once and for all.

Botafogo and John Textor signed last Friday a non-binding contract. This is the first concrete step for the club to have an owner and become, in fact, SAF. In the negotiation, John Textor should take out a bridge loan to make Botafogo’s operation viable in the first half of 2022. The expectation of the executives who run the negotiation is that the purchase process can be concluded by mid-January.

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