Fenghua 1: Chinese GPU gamer is presented at trade fair

The video card was running a demo with dated graphics

The first Chinese video card, Fenghua 1, gives Innosilicon, has already been presented before and its real existence is revealed little by little, at least here in the West. A video posted on Twitter by Steven Randall, from the Technode website, shows a tech demo running on what would be the Chinese video card in question.

The product presentation took place during a technology business fair in China last week. The less than 20-second video shows a TV with a demo that would be currently being rendered to show the strength of Fenghua 1. Randall is still filming the PC assembled with the board (which is strangely on the ground), but unfortunately it is not possible to see many details.

Asked if the demo was running in real-time, Stew said he wasn’t sure, but because of the dated graphics featured in the tech demo, it might be. “Honestly, it looked like video, but given IP’s (demo) imagination and the graphics are no big deal, I’m sure it runs in real time too,” he says.

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Additionally, Randall took what would be the first photo of the actual graphics card at Innosilicon’s booth. According to the official website, this would be the Fenghua 1 “Type B”, that is, the stronger of two different models presented on the site. The most relevant information you can find on the site is that the GPU delivers 10 TFLOPs of computational power, while the “Type A” reaches half of that, 5 TFLOPs.

Other information from the website of the Innosilicon show that they are models with 4GB, 8GB and 16GB from memory GDDR6 and GDRR6X operating the 19Gbps with bandwidth of 304 GB/s and are manufactured in 12nm. These numbers seem to be from “Type A” which, in theory, would be equivalent to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, whereas “Type B” would come close to RTX 3060.

Fenghua 1 is already being sent to interested companies, although no information on availability or price has been disclosed.


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