John Textor adds Botafogo in ‘bio’, likes fan tweets and causes a stir on social media

John Textor didn’t even set foot in Brazil, but he was already able to feel some of the heat from the fans at Botafogo. That’s because, since the news about the sale of SAF has been announced, the American investor had social networks ‘invaded’ by messages of thanks from Botafogo residents.

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The businessman spoke about Botafogo for the first time through a tweet posted on Monday praising Alvinegro fans. After that, he had other ‘invisible’ interactions with the fans of the Lone Star club.

On the social network, Textor liked several tweets from Botafogo fans – of the most different contents: joking, thanking and even asking for reinforcements. The biggest movement was when the businessman added Alvinegro to his ‘bio’ – a space where each internet user can summarize his own account.

The new investor bio on Twitter says: “Crystal Palace Fan / Co-owner; Botafogo believer“. In free translation, John Textor wrote that he believes in Alvinegro, that he believes in the club. The simple change, of course, was enough to cause an uproar in the crowd on social media.

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