Guanabara, by Jacob Barata, asks ANTT to operate lines that Itapemirim will no longer serve, but later gives up


*Guanabara gives up the request to operate Itapemirim lines that will be suppressed or cancelled*

Waiver was filed on the same day that the Consortium made a request to ANTT


Consórcio Guanabara withdraws from the request to operate Itapemirim lines that will be suppressed or canceled

Consórcio Guanabara desiste do pedido para operar linhas da Itapemirim que serão suprimidas ou canceladas


Order is for temporary operation for 90 days, but term can be extended; It is not about the acquisition of the company or the lines


The Guanabara Consortium, a group led by the family of businessman Jacob Barata, made this Thursday, December 30, 2021, a request to ANTT (National Land Transport Agency) to operate lines that the Itapemirim Group had authorization to suppress or paralyze.

The request is already in the ANTT system and will still be analyzed by the agency that regulates the interstate bus network

as showed the Transport Journal, Viação Itapemirim and Viação Caiçara, which are part of the Itapemirim Group, had their request accepted to suppress or paralyze 61 lines and/or markets.

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The Guanabara Consortium’s request, obtained by collaborator Flávio Eduardo, cites ordinance 476, which includes part of the list of lines to be stopped by Itapemirim.

The office that represents the Guanabara group argues that the intended markets were left unattended, as well as being located within a radius of more than 50 (fifty) kilometers away from an already serviced market.

The authorization for Itapemirim to suppress or paralyze the lines begins to take effect on January 27, 2022.

The order is for temporary operation for 90 days, but afterward the period can be extended.

Among the markets that may be authorized for the Guanabara Consortium are connections between the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo.

Viação Itapemirim said in a note to Transport Journal that the measure is to reduce costs and maximize profits

The Itapemirim Group clarifies that it has recently presented a logistical and operational restructuring plan, with the objective of reducing costs and maximizing financial results on its long-distance routes. Additionally, we inform that the road operations of the Itapemirim Group are proceeding normally, with coverage in more than 2,700 destinations in Brazil and with the same level of safety, service and operational efficiency characteristic of Viação Itapemirim.

Itapemirim also says that the “company continues with all markets, as it has session in all deleted lines”. According to the company, “the measure will bring profitability to the company, as it will use all lines with others in the same direction and route”

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport, with the collaboration of Flávio Eduardo

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