‘John Textor is the only investor with whom Botafogo has open negotiations’, guarantees André Chame

What is the negotiation stage of the Botafogo with the Eagle Holdings, of the american businessman John Text? Spokesperson for the club in the project of SAF (Football Corporation), André Call he explained the situation and made it clear: the only investor with open negotiations with Glorioso is Textor.

– After a year of President Durcesio’s management and nine months after the arrival of CEO Jorge Braga, we received an offer, not yet binding, from Mr. John Textor, interested in acquiring 90% of the shares of Botafogo SAF, with the remaining 10% remaining owned by the association. A non-binding offer is one that, initially, does not oblige either party to complete the negotiation. But rest assured, it is normal that in transactions of this nature, the first offer is non-binding. It is important to highlight that, in order to reach this proposal, Botafogo went through all the stages, with the best standard of world excellence, aiming to establish the negotiation premises. All of the club’s liabilities were mapped and quantified, financial projections were made, the so-called business plan, which required dozens of hours of work by various specialists in their respective areas. The entire process was conducted with absolute care and responsibility, under the leadership of the President Durcesio and the CEO Jorge Braga. The next step was the hiring of XP as exclusive consultant for the search for investors for the project. Once the non-binding offer was received, Botafogo returned it, inserting demands in favor of the best interest of the club’s football and its fans – explained André Chame, to Botafogo’s official website.

The lawyer spoke more about John Textor’s exclusivity.

– With the acceptance of the premises inserted by Botafogo, the non-binding agreement was signed by President Durcesio Mello, which grants 60 days exclusivity to investor John Textor to negotiate with Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas. At the moment, all parties involved are under a confidentiality agreement, which is also common in operations of this nature, so that I was honorably designated by everyone as the sole interlocutor in the negotiation. We expect the signing of the binding contract in the coming weeks and I repeat that, for sixty days, John Textor is the only investor with whom Botafogo has open negotiations – he added.

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