Expresso de Prata brand will be kept under acquisition by Grupo Comporte

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Expresso de Prata bus company entering the Barra Funda Bus Station, in the western part of the city of São Paulo

Request for formalization consent will be sent to Artesp, the agency that regulates highway buses in the State of São Paulo, and to Cade


Grupo Comporte, led by the Constantino Oliveira family, acquired the traditional Expresso de Prata, a road and suburban bus company headquartered in Bauru, in the interior of São Paulo, with nearly 100 years of experience and currently with approximately 190 vehicles.

As a result, Grupo Comporte, the largest in the country’s road sector, increases in size and coverage area.

The possibility of purchase was already considered in the sector. Values ​​were not disclosed.

The business involves highway and suburban operations.

The group operates in 12 states and more in the Federal District, serving more than 700 cities, with 7,200 buses, including urban, suburban, charter and road, numbers from before the newest acquisition.

Expresso de Prata, on the other hand, originated in 1927, with Angelo Franciscato, the son of Italian immigrants, who began his journey in transport serving passengers between Piracicaba and Torrinha, in the interior of São Paulo. The Franciscato family was still in control of the company.

The request for formalization consent will be sent to Artesp, the agency that regulates intercity buses in the State of São Paulo.

Communication will also be sent to CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense), linked to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, which takes care of matters such as competition and market concentration.

Most employees, especially operational ones, such as drivers, porters and counter workers, will be retained.

There will be no changes to the lines.

as showed the Transport Journal, Grupo Comporte is expanding and reorganizing.

Traditional brands that already belonged to the Group were incorporated by others from the same conglomerate, as occurred with the incorporation of Breda by Piracicabana and Manoel Rodrigues by Princesa do Norte.

– Manoel Rodrigues for the Princess of the North recall article from February 9, 2021

Artesp aprova incorporação da Manoel Rodrigues pela Princesa do Norte

– Breda for Piracicabana remember the article of June 24, 2021

Grupo Comporte confirma “fim” da Breda para 1º de julho de 2021 com incorporação pela Piracicabana

The Group was also already acquiring companies and operations, such as in the charter area.

This is what happened with the traditional Firenze, from Santo André, on ABC Paulista, bought by Piracicabana, as reported by Transport Journal on November 22, 2021


Piracicabana (Grupo Comporte) assume operações e frota de fretamento da empresa Firenze, do ABC

On June 29, 2020, the Transport Journal reported that the charter Suzantur was acquired by Grupo Comporte, which still maintained the Breda brand at the time. Suzantur started to dedicate itself only to urban transport, with operations in Santo André (SP), Mauá (SP), Diadema (SP), Ribeirão Pires (SP) and São Carlos (SP).


Grupo Comporte is formed by several companies from different bus segments.

Buses (whole or with participation): Expresso União – Sponsorship/MG; Piracicabana – Piracicaba/SP; Cruz Company – Araraquara/SP; Princesa do Norte – Santo Antônio da Platina/PR; Nossa Senhora da Penha – Curitiba/PR; Expresso Maringá – Maringá/PR; Expresso Itamarati – São José do Rio Preto/SP; Expresso Caxiense – Caxias do Sul/RS; VCB Transportes – Formiga/MG; Expresso de Prata – Bauru/SP;

Urban/Metropolitan/Suburban Buses: Piracicabana Road – Santos/SP; Piracicabana Road – Praia Grande/SP; BR Mobilidade Baixada Santista – Metropolitan System Bus and VLT – São Vicente/SP; Express Maringá do Vale – São José dos Campos/SP; Joseense Transport – São José dos Campos/SP; Princess of the Urban North of Mogi das Cruzes – Mogi das Cruzes/SP; Cruz Company – Araraquara/SP; Luwasa – Catanduva/SP; Expresso Itamarati – São José do Rio Preto/SP; Expresso Itamarati – Votuporanga/SP; TCGM – Collective Transport Grande Marília – Marília/SP; TCGB – Collective Transport Grande Bauru – Bauru/SP; Cidade Verde Road Transport – Sarandi/PR; TCCC – Collective Transport Cidade Canção – Maringá/PR; VAL – Apucarana Road – Apucarana/PR; BluMob – Blumenau/SC; Piracicabana Road – Brasília/DF; Leading Transport Company – Uberaba/MG; São Geraldo Sacramento Road – Uberaba/MG;

Chartering: Viação Piracicabana, including the remainder of Breda Serviços. Some road brands are also involved in chartering.

Technology: Mobifácil, Grupo Comporte’s ticket sales platform, as shown by Transport Journal on July 24, 2020:

Loads and orders: Union Express; Itamarati Express; TEX Orders

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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