A Place in the Sun: Barbara attempts suicide after Christian’s dramatic decision, and her secret is revealed

[Alerta de gatilho!] If there’s one thing that ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ has delivered to fans, it’s drama, and it seems that the twists and turns of the soap opera are far from over! According to information from UOL, Bárbara’s (Alinne Moraes) mental health, which has been deteriorating for a long time, will reach new extremes in the next chapters, as she will try to commit suicide for the second time.

With a long history of bipolarity in her family, Barbara faces many ups and downs. She previously tried to take her own life when she found she could no longer bear children, shortly after the death of her firstborn. This time, however, the trigger for his lack of control will be the request for divorce from Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond).

Barbara’s outbreak will happen after an outburst with her sister, Nicole (Ana Baird). Distressed by the brunette’s condition, the young woman will run to her car to get her a tranquilizer, but she will return too late… That’s because, soon after, Moraes’ character will throw herself on top of a car. My God! The impact will leave Barbara in a terrible state and she will be sent to the hospital, where she will undergo a delicate surgery, which could result in neurological damage or even take her life on the operating table.

Barbara tried to take her own life before, after losing her firstborn son. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

While waiting for news about Santiago’s daughter (José de Abreu), Nicole, supported by Cecília (Fernanda Marques), will tell the truth about the accident. In an outburst, the voice actress will reveal that her sister was not run over, but threw herself in front of the vehicle on purpose. “Before I could do anything, she threw herself in the direction of a car that was backing up. It was she who threw herself. I’m sure, I saw it. It was horrible, Cecilia, horrible.” will regret Nicole.

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Shocked by her aunt’s attitude, Cecília will question the redhead about why she didn’t tell the family the truth, since it is clear that Barbara is in a delicate state. Nicole will then claim that she cannot talk about what happened without first talking to her sister. “The stigma on account of my mother is enough. Mental illness is illness until page two: deep down, everyone thinks it’s freshness”, will rate her.

Nicole (Ana Baird) will see what really happened to Barbara. (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

However, it won’t take long for the secret to come out. As everyone believes that Bárbara was run over, the girl’s family will try to blame Júlia (Denise Fraga), the driver of the car in question. Aware that the singer is not to blame for the incident, Nicole will have no choice but to reveal her sister’s suicide attempt.

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