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A charming, talented, full of talk and admired tagger arrives to shake the marriage of Joy (Lara Tremourox) and Ravi (Juan Paiva). IT’S damon, character played by Ruan Aguiar.

In this Tuesday’s chapter of A Place in the Sun, Joy, tired of domestic life, accepts Adel’s (Samantha Jones) invitation and meets Damón in a circle of slam – competition in which contemporary poets read or recite an original work.

Joy’s eyes shine before the idol.

Seductive, Damón says what Joy wants to hear and, despite Ravi’s numerous calls, she follows the boy, the two tag together and a kiss happens.

Premiere in prime time

Ruan Aguiar plays Damón, who will rock the marriage of Joy (Lara Tremourox) and Ravi (Juan Paiva) — Photo: personal archive

Ruan Aguiar, who makes his prime-time debut, entered Um Lugar ao Sol through the author Lícia Manzo. He was talking to friends Lara Tremourox and Juan Paiva about slam, when he was approached by the author of the plot.

“We were at Globo Studios, I was at a table with Lara and Juan, who I already knew from Malhação. We were talking about slam and Lícia Manzo heard and got interested. She introduced me to the director. Maurício Farias and, weeks later, I received the invitation to join the soap opera, precisely in the plot of Joy and Ravi”, said Ruan, brother of also actor Arthur Aguiar.

Actor Ruan Aguiar and artistic director Maurício Farias behind the scenes of recording ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ — Photo: personal archive

Ruan has similarities with Damon. Both are 22 years old and have a passion for slam that has been going on since 2015. In fact, one of the poems shown in the plot is by Ruan, the other two were written in partnership with Lícia Manzo.

As for graffiti, he was introduced to this universe.

“I didn’t know any drawing… when I found out he was a tagger, I bought a can and doodled all over my house. My mom was crazy, but she supported me. I also watched movies, read books on the subject, and, of course, talked to taggers,” he recalled.

Rivals in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’, partners behind the scenes. Ruan Aguiar and Juan Paiva met in ‘Malhação’ — Photo: personal archive

Fully immersed in slam and graffiti, Ruan has plans for the future:

“I made a slam just about graffiti that I will soon record and publish on my social networks,” he added.

Cauã Reymond and Ruan Aguiar backstage recording ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ — Photo: personal archive

And will Damon separate Joy and Ravi?

“Damón is from the street, from the track, tagger, slammer, traveling salesman. He is very naughty, intelligent, likes a game and is capable of doing anything to achieve his goals”, he misleads.

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11 Jan


Breno pushes Cecilia away. Noca refuses to talk to Lara about her son. Santiago delivers invitations to an exhibition for Christian/Renato to go with Bárbara. Mateus arranges to go with Lara to the same exhibition. Breno gives up doing Cecília’s campaign and Ilana criticizes him. Felipe finds Julia passed out at home. Joy spends the night with Damón and Ravi confronts her. Mateus gives up going to the exhibition with Lara and suggests that she go with Marie. Santiago asks Christian/Renato to take Luan to the exhibition. Lara finds Christian/Renato, and the two lose their children.

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