Atlético-MG: Pogba’s businessman makes proposal for Atlético’s holder and negotiates with Caetano


In order to make an even greater profit, the manager “puts his foot down” to increase the value initially offered from Italy

(Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images) - The French star's manager is negotiating with Galo.
(Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images) – The French star’s manager is negotiating with Galo.

THE Atlético-MG remains one of the center of attention in this transfer window, precisely after having won 3 titles last season with a squad considered extremely qualified, with good pieces in all sectors. The difficulty in 2022 has been to maintain the level, as proposals are arriving on the board of directors.

In addition to Cuca, who said goodbye after alleging family problems, some players are saying goodbye to Belo Horizonte, causing the board to be very active. The last to say goodbye was Junior Alonso, who will play for Krasnodar, from Russia, being the fourth biggest sale in the history of Galo, who should announce Godín to fill the vacancy.

However, another defender may end up changing airs soon: according to the portal “”, Fiorentina presented a proposal of 4 million euros, around R$ 25.6 million at the current price, for Nathan Silva. The Minas Gerais club, in turn, tries to raise the value a little more, precisely aiming at a greater profit to seek “big” reinforcements in the market.

This time, Mino Raiola, manager of stars like Erling Haaland, Gianluigi Donarumma and Paul Pogba, took to the club an official offer from Fiorentina through a representative of its office in Brazil, waiting for an official position from Galo in search of finalizing the negotiations, which have not yet had a hammer.

Considered a defender with a lot of potential, Nathan has 35 matches with the alvinegra shirt and three goals scored, participating directly in the conquests of the titles of the Brazilian Championship and the 2021 Copa do Brasil. It is worth remembering that last season, he was reinstated and became an important part of the team led by Cuca.

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