Corinthians schedules press conference with Duilio and announces gradual return of the press to CT Joaquim Grava

Corinthians reported, on Tuesday morning, that the press will return to CT at the beginning of 2022. The club has established rules for a gradual return of journalists, film reporters and photographers. At the same time, a press conference has already been scheduled. This Wednesday, President Duilio Monteiro Alves, José Colagrossi, superintendent of marketing, communication and innovation, and Wesley Mello, financial director, spoke to journalists.

To enter the club’s premises, all press professionals must have proof of the complete vaccination schedule. In addition, it will be necessary to present an antigen test valid for 24 hours at the entrance to the CT, the use of mandatory face mask, hand hygiene and social distance.

At first, Corinthians stated that it will respect the capacity of the press room. That is, a reduced number of professionals will be accepted to participate in press conferences and follow training. The events (training and collective) always took place on the same day, so there will be no opening just to follow the activities led by Sylvinho.

The press conferences will only be attended by reporters (without film reporters and photographers). In this way, Corinthians will continue to broadcast the interview on its official YouTube channel.

In order to cover the training and activities of the cast, television stations may have a reporter and a cameraman. In addition, five photographers will also be accredited.

It is worth remembering that, since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, Corinthians (as well as other clubs) has suspended the presence of press professionals at the training center. The reason, of course, for security reasons in relation to Covid-19.

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Protocols for the gradual return of the press to the CT Dr. Joaquim Grava

With the advance of vaccination against COVID-19 in Brazil, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista understands that the gradual return of the press to CT Dr. Joaquim Grava may start at the beginning of 2022.

For this, the club established some rules in order to preserve everyone’s health: athletes, CT employees and the press. Check it out below:

At this first moment, respecting the capacity of the Jorge João Saad Collective Room and distancing protocols, a reduced number of press vehicles will be accredited to participate in the press conferences and follow the training. These two events with in-person coverage will always take place on the same day, and, at least initially, there will be no opening exclusively for training. But events will have different attendance rules.

At press conferences, only reporters will be allowed. The club will continue to provide the live broadcast of the press conferences through Corinthians TV and, therefore, film reporters and photographers will not be allowed to record the same.

For training coverage, in addition to reporters, TV stations will be able to count on a film reporter for filming. Up to 5 photographers will also be accredited.

Through a group on Whatsapp, the press office will communicate the press vehicles that frequented the premises of CT Dr. Joaquim Grava on a daily basis about the dates available for accreditation through an email.

For any other events, Corinthians will guide the press on the rules so that everyone’s safety is always maintained.


In the email requesting accreditation, it will be necessary to attach proof of the complete vaccine system against COVID-19 and the presentation of an antigen test valid for 24 hours at the entrance to the CT. The use of a face mask is mandatory, in addition to hand hygiene and social distancing.

Emails sent without proof of vaccinations will be disregarded.

In addition, as was usual before the pandemic, it will be necessary to present professional documents (ACEESP, ACEISP, ARFOC and others).

See more at: CT Joaquim Grava.

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