Director shares his ideas for Days Gone 2 •

It would improve on everything the original.

Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, doesn’t even work at Sony anymore, but he continues to talk about his plans for Days Gone 2 and how he took the opportunity to improve on everything they did in the original.

After his revelations on David Jaffe’s show, where he said that it was Sony Bend’s own management that turned down the proposal to develop the sequel and not PlayStation, Ross talked about the plans and mechanics they would implement in Days Gone 2.

In an interview with USA Today, Ross revealed that the sequel would correct the original’s problems and create the definitive version of what they tried to do in the original. After the foundation laid on the first, Days Gone 2 would showcase the “epic new ideas created” to improve it.

Deacon St. John would once again be the protagonist and would have Sarah by his side, even if their relationship was in trouble. The narrative would have an equally tense and strong tone, while the gameplay would again bet on the NERO motorcycle and technology.

Among the novelties thought for Days Gone 2, Deacon would be capable of anything, would face more varied enemies and would have to dynamically deal with wildlife.

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