Fábio Faria says that meeting with Allan dos Santos was used to wear down the government: ‘Liar news’

In an interview with the Morning Show, the Communications Minister stated that the journalist was scheduled at the last minute for a series of lectures he was part of.

Reproduction / Young PanFábio Faria was on the Morning Show this Tuesday, 11

This Tuesday, the 11th, the program morning show, gives Young pan, received the Minister of Communications Fábio Faria. In an interview, he spoke about the impact of his meeting with Allan dos Santos US United States. “Allan dos Santos’ dimension is different. I know it would have a much larger dimension, because I would not be like Fábio Faria, federal deputy, friend of the pastor, I would be like minister of Bolsonaro and they were going to use it to wear down the Bolsonaro government, as it was used. Everyone who is against the president is using this episode to attack him. At a time when we need to reduce inflation, reduce the price of fuel and food, a crisis at that moment would reflect on the increase in the dollar and in inflation. Nothing fairer than having told the truth,” he said, who criticized the coverage of the episode in the press. “It was false news, they said I went to a fraternization dinner. They tried to drag the president into this episode.”

The event was a series of lectures promoted by Pastor André Valadão in a church in Orlando, in the United States. In addition to him, other guests such as Nikolas Ferreira and Otávio Fakhoury were expected at the event. However, according to Fábio Faria, in the last minutes, Fakhoury could not attend, and Allan dos Santos was selected to replace him. “I have had a relationship with Pastor André for a long time (…) Pastor André called me for a lecture, to talk about conservative agendas, how the Congress is doing, what awaits for 2022. I arrived late and stayed to close the event. When I arrived, it was there that the pastor announced that Fakhoury would not participate and Allan dos Santos had accepted,” he said. “Every pastor has a room. There were several guests, representatives who wanted to talk to me. I went there to take pictures, say hello. At some point Allan dos Santos came in, the pastor asked us to take a picture and we left.”

Fábio Faria also said that, if he had known of Allan dos Santos’ presence at the event, he would not attend because of the journalist’s criticism of him on social media. “I don’t like to fight with anyone who supports the president anyway, I have nothing for or against. There are numerous tweets and posts criticizing the president. As for me, there are thousands. I always made myself available, even on his show, Tuesday Free, I went. I never responded, I never victimize myself, I never did anything,” he pointed out. “I have full dimension of notion of a problem. When I said I wouldn’t go if I knew it was Allan dos Santos, it’s because he attacked me. There are a lot of people with problems in Justice, I’ve already had two lawsuits, I suffered with them. I hope they can prove their honesty.”

Check out the full interview with Fábio Faria:

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