Father does not survive complications from covid-19 after ‘needle phobia’ prevents him from getting vaccinated

A game developer and father of two has died of Covid-19 after his fear of needles prevented him from being immunized against the virus. Stewart Gilray, from Scotland, died last Thursday (6), aged 51, from complications from the virus. Now, widow Bec Gilray, 41, is urging people to overcome their fear of needles to avoid putting their lives at risk.

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Father of two dies of covid after fear of needle prevents him from getting vaccinated (Photo: Reproduction / Mirror)

Father of two dies of covid after fear of needle prevents him from getting vaccinated (Photo: Reproduction / Mirror)

Stewart is survived by two children: Elliot, 15, and Darcey, 3. According to his wife, he had aicmophobia, an irrational fear of needles. “Stewart had a serious fear of needles. In all seriousness, in 25 years he’s only had one blood test. He was fit. He really believed he would survive this virus because he was healthy. Before he was intubated, he told me, ‘There’s nothing to worry about. I’ll be fine. I just need to get some rest,'” she recalls.

Gilray, who helped revitalize the Oddworld series, a video game adaptation of Doctor Who and Sniper Elite VR, went to the hospital with low oxygen levels. He even posted a photo with an oxygen mask (above). “I’m not doing so well. The amount of oxygen they put on me to keep me above the magic 95% is the maximum. Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate needles. This photo shows what I’m going through right now to fight back. it,” he said at the time.

When he was hospitalized, the virus took hold of a previously undiagnosed lung condition that ‘robbed’ his ability to breathe on his own. His condition rapidly declined as Covid took hold and he had to be put into an induced coma. Bec recalls hearing from doctors that her husband’s lung condition could have affected his chances of survival.

Stuwart with his two children (Photo: Playback/Mirror)

Stewart with her two children (Photo: Playback/Mirror)

Now, she begs others to get vaccinated, regardless of any fears they have. “I don’t wish this on anyone, it’s horrible,” he lamented. “Stewart was the most generous person. He was devoted to our kids, he loved his life, he loved what we had. He wanted to retire early and spend more time with us, be with the kids more. He had all these plans and Covid got him. Please, just get vaccinated,” he said.

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