In the sights of Atlético-MG, Edenilson has a conversation with Inter to cut corners and discuss the future | International

Edenilson’s future remains open. The midfielder, target of Atlético-MG, had conversations with Inter executive Paulo Bracks in recent days. The negotiations are maintained and seen as “well conducted” by both parties. The representative of the steering wheel, Guilherme Miranda, even intends to come to Porto Alegre “soon” also for meetings.

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+ Inter confirms renewal and releases
+ Market tests positive for Covid-19

Inter made it clear that they do not shy away from talking to Atlético-MG. However, he seeks the best terms for the release of shirt 8 in the negotiation. And it sews the contacts satisfactorily even in the view of the player’s staff.

One of the highlights of the last Brasileirão, Edenilson showed the desire to change Porto Alegre for Belo Horizonte. There is an arrangement in line with the Galo, but still far from what is intended by the gauchos.

Edenilson is one of the highlights of the Inter team — Photo: Ricardo Duarte/Disclosure, Inter

One of the impasses that the parties are trying to untie concerns Edenilson’s most recent contract. The steering wheel alleges the existence of an alleged verbal agreement, which would have occurred when the renewal took place in 2020, to facilitate the departure, if it was his interest. The current board and Alexandre Chaves Barcellos, vice president at the time, deny it.

The current bond had the termination penalty reduced in case of trading out of the country. To hire him, it would be necessary to invest US$ 3 million (R$ 16.91 million at the current price) clean in the Rio Grande do Sul coffers.

While the situation is not defined, Edenilson performs routine at the Training Center of Parque Gigante. After testing against Covid-19, he will be present in the afternoon and will work with Alexander Medina’s group.

At Inter since 2017, he has 252 appearances for Inter, just below Rodrigo Dourado (291) and Víctor Cuesta (258) in the current squad. He hit the nets on 38 occasions. Last season, he played 54 games, with 15 goals and nine assists.

The highlight in 2021 took the steering wheel to the Brazilian team. He participated in Tite’s last calls and is already looking forward to next Thursday, when the new nominee of the Selection comes out.

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