More than 195,000 entrepreneurs have already applied to join Simples Nacional

Credit: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

Micro and small businesses can opt for Simples Nacional until January 31 (Credit: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil)

The 2022 Unified Special Regime for Collection of Taxes and Contributions owed by Micro and Small Businesses, known as Simples Nacional, has already received, since January 3rd, application for adhesion of 195.25 thousand entrepreneurs, according to information from the Federal Revenue. The final result will be announced on the day February 15th.

Micro and small businesses can opt for Simples Nacional until January 31st.

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For companies in activity, the request can be made until the last business day (31). If accepted, it will be valid from January 1st of this year (into have retroactive).

For companies starting their activity, the deadline for applying for membership is 30 days from the last registration approval (municipal or state), provided that 60 days have not elapsed from the date of opening of the CNPJ. When approved, the option takes effect from the date of opening of the CNPJ. According to the IRS, after this period, the option will only be possible in the month of January of the following calendar year, taking effect thereafter.

Access to the system for membership is done through the Simples Nacional Portal: in Simples – Services > Option > Request for Option by Simples Nacional. The Revenue emphasizes that applicants cannot be part of the fences provided for in Complementary Law No. 123, of 2006.

*With information from the IRS

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