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Boris Johnson scratches his head on a visit to a vaccination center in England (photo: PETER CZIBORRA / POOL / AFP)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose popularity has steadily plummeted, found himself in trouble again on Tuesday (11/01) over another scandal over a massive party held in full confinement in Downing Street Gardens that police say be investigating.

In May 2020 – nearly two months after the UK declared a coronavirus lockdown, which saw Johnson himself hospitalized in intensive care in April and left 67 million Britons with no social interactions – non-essential businesses were closed, and people could not move freely.

According to the private channel ITV News, the prime minister’s private secretary, Martin Reynolds, sent an email to a hundred employees, inviting them, “after an incredibly busy period”, to “enjoy the good weather”. “, having “a few drinks with social distancing on May 20 in Downing Street”.

“Join us from 6pm and bring your own drinks,” read the leaked message to the press, reigniting a scandal that the controversial conservative leader hoped to have left behind with the start of the new year.

According to several British media, the party was attended by Johnson and his wife, Carrie. On April 29 of that year, she gave birth to Wilfred, the couple’s first child, who is now two years old.

In a statement released on Monday (10), London police said they were investigating the case.

“The Metropolitan Police Service is aware of the information regarding the alleged violations of health protection regulations in Downing Street on May 20, 2020, and is in contact with the Cabinet” in this regard, it announced.

It is not the first time that the government is accused of circumventing the restrictions imposed on the British.

The revelation that up to 50 Downing Street employees threw a Christmas party on December 18, 2020, and that some joked about it afterwards, prompted then prime minister spokeswoman Allegra Stratton to resign from her post, with 54% of Britons think Johnson should step down.

The party group includes deputies from his own Conservative Party. A few days later, at least 100 of his co-religionists voted against the government, in a rebellion of unprecedented magnitude, due to new restrictions decided to stop the spread of the micron variant.

To try to resolve the matter, Johnson commissioned an internal investigation.

“I can understand that people are upset and angry about these allegations,” said Secretary of State for Health Ed Argar of Sky News.

“That is why it is right that the prime minister has asked that this independent investigation be completed quickly: to determine the facts behind these accusations,” he added.

“Boris Johnson, your deviations and distractions are absurd,” tweeted opposition leader Keir Starmer.

“Stop lying to the British public. It’s time to confess at once,” he demanded.

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