Paulo Skaf criticizes PT for plan to revoke labor reform

Former president of Fiesp (Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo), businessman Paulo Skaf criticized this Tuesday (11) the PT’s plans to revoke the labor reform created in 2017 in Brazil, under the management of the former president. Michel Temer (MDB). The criticisms were made by Skaf in an interview with CNN Brasil, in which he stated that the party “wants the union tax back”.

“What they want is to put their hand in the worker’s pocket and obligatorily extract the union tax to feed unions, many of them from drawers that don’t do any work”, said Skaf.

According to the businessman, the reform is criticized for having reduced union revenues from R$ 3 billion a year to just over R$ 100 million. “Naturally, this is what is behind this whole discussion. And also the politics of the election year, with sensationalist speeches that do not see the interest of the nation, Brazil, the people, the people”, said the former president of Fiesp.

Skaf was one of those involved in the negotiations for the approval of the labor reform in 2017 and also argued that the change in legislation did not take away workers’ rights. “All the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution were maintained: notice, vacation, 13th salary. In addition, this new labor reform allowed new jobs, teleworking legally, the home office, allowed the worker to take his vacation up to three times [ao ano] and the negotiated over the legislated.”

The businessman acknowledged, however, that there are situations in which the rules need to be revised, but said he was against the total repeal of the labor reform. “New times bring new situations. This does not mean undoing the labor reform. A case here, a case there, changes will need to be made. The keyword is called adaptation. Now it is not because there was a new situation that we are going to revoke it. a well-done labor reform”, he added.

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